Posted: March 10, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

Keep the questions coming. If you think I’m way off on something, let me know and give me a good reason why and we can talk about it.

Fantasy X-Man,

How can you rank Lowrie over Scutaro? You know Scutaro is the starter? Justin, Pittsburgh


I know Scutaro is technically the starter, but Lowrie is so flexible, he will find ways into the lineup. This is a guy who had a .907 OPS last season, 50 points over Hanley Ramirez. .280, 20 HR, 80 RBI is not ridiculous in that lineup, no matter where on the field he plays.

Fantasy X-Man,

What format are your rankings based off of? And how do they change between h2h and roto? -Jessica, Ohio


My rankings are based off of 12-team h2h categories leagues, because that seems to be the most common right now. How do my rankings change in roto? I don’t care about “first-half guys (Dan Haren)” or “slow starters (Mark Texeira)” or “big finishers (Tulowitzki).” As long as they put up the totals, in roto I don’t care how.

Fantasy X-Man,

You buried Ichiro in your outfield rankings! Why? -Michael, Arizona


In 10 seasons, he has been over 40 steals just four times. He’s an elite source of batting average, and he will steal bases. BUT his runs scored have gone down four years in a row. People seen to project him for .320 and 40 steals, but he has only done both in the same season twice, and not since 2006. In that offense, he won’t score close to 100 runs, and with age, legs tend to go first. I’d expect numbers around .315 with 30 steals. He might score 70 runs, with negligible power numbers. Those steals can be had a lot later. I still had him 21st among OF, but I will never own him because he’s going in the top-15.

Fantasy X-Man,

My fourth year keeper league has in its constitution that we redraft every three years. We are currently talking about some category changes. Its currently standard 5×5. What are some changes you’d suggest? -Timothy


Changing settings is scary work, but I am on board with quality starts over wins. I also have been swayed to prefer net stolen bases over the traditional SB category. That accounts for guys that get thrown out a ton. I like some inclusion of fielding% or errors. But most people don’t agree with me on that. Hope those suggestions help.

Fantasy X-Man,

How do you feel about Utley, Greinke and Webb and their injury situations? -Franco, Florida


Utley drops in my rankings, as you saw. I won’t be drafting him, but if he recovers, be had for a steal. The risk is a bit much for me. Greinke was never among my favorites. With the injury news, I drop him a bit farther. And rib injuries tend to linger (ask Jacoby Ellsbury). To be honest, I’m fairly high on Brandon Webb, compared to his price. If he makes 15-20 starts, He could win 10-12 and have a solid ERA around 3.50. And of course there is upside for more. If you can get him for $4 in an auction, do it.

Thanks for all the questions, guys. Keep them coming. I’ll get to as many as I can through the week.


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