Posted: March 17, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

Many of you have drafts in the next week or two, so I picked out mostly draft questions for today. Keep them coming.

Fantasy X-Man,

How do you like Gio Gonzalez and Kyle McClellan as late round sleeper picks? -Chris, ?


I like Gio a lot. The Oakland ballpark will keep his ERA down, and he has strikeout stuff. I would take him in deeper leagues. As far as McClellan, he was great in the bullpen, but with the move to the rotation, there are just too many other late-round sleeper SP that have been starters already. Look at James McDonald, Rick Porcello, Jordan Zimmerman, Jair Jurrjens…

Fantasy X-Man,

How many leagues do you do per season? I have friends that do 10 or more and I always seem to lose track of so many teams. -Frank, New Orleans

Excellent question, Frank,

I normally do three leagues. One is an 18-team keeper, one is a seasonal auction that I LM, and every year I try to find one auction league with unusual settings. This year I will be doing four because a bunch of us who write for Bleacher Report are doing a league together. I restrict myself to four because of what you said, I can’t be an active member of 10 leagues. Three is usually my max, but four is the absolute ceiling.

Fantasy X-Man,

Who are some guys you seem to end up with in most of your mocks? -Jason, Fresno


I was going to write an article about this, when you asked, so I’ll just answer it here.  Andrew McCutchen is one I seem to pony up for. I insist on getting one of the top three shortstops (Hanley, Tulo, Reyes) so I have been getting Reyes in most of my drafts. Brandon Morrow and Wandy Rodriguez I always feel are underpriced in auctions, so I tend to get them. Josh Johnson also seems underpriced to me so I’ve been getting him. Kendry(s) Morales is one I was getting a lot early, but I’ve been wavering on lately. Starting on the DL scares me. That probably means I’ll be paying more for Morneau or Dunn.

Fantasy X-Man,

If you had to pick a guy to go from outside the top 200 to top-10 at his position this season, who would be some possibilities? -Zoe, Alberta

Hello Zoe,

Wow from outside the top 200… well Jed Lowrie is the first name that comes to mind. His OPS was 50 points higher than Hanley Ramirez last year. He SHOULD be starting over Scutaro. I think Leo Nunez could be a top-10 closer. I also think Jordan Zimmerman could be a top-25 starting pitcher. Danny Espinosa has a lot of power for a second baseman. He did 20/20 in the minors. If your league separates LF-CF-RF, which I highly recommend, Michael Brantley has a chance to be a top-10 left fielder. He’s only eligible in center for most leagues, but will play left this season when Grady Sizemore is 100%.

Fantasy X-Man,

Can you throw out who you think will be #1 at each position at the end of the year? -Rick, Austin


If I had to guess from right now, Albert Pujols at first. If Ian Kinsler plays 150 games, he’s the #1 2B, if not then Cano and Pedroia will be close. Evan Longoria at third, but Wright and Zimmerman will be close. I think Aramis Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval could both be in the top-5 if they are healthy. Hanley Ramirez at shortstop, but Jose Reyes still has the tools to challenge Tulo for #2. I think Braun is the #1 outfielder, and McCutchen, Holliday and CarGo are close 2-3-4. I see Felix, Lincecum, and Josh Johnson being at the top of starters, and Marmol and Soria the best closers.

Fantasy X-Man,

I’m LM for a league and a trade was just accepted sending Joey Votto, Tommy Hanson, and Carlos Gonzalez for Evan Longoria. BUT its a keeper league, the first guy wouldn’t be able to keep Hanson OR Gonzalez, and the second guy can keep all three. Do I have to veto this? -Mark, Azusa


In my league, I don’t veto without someone cheating. Because he can’t keep Hanson or Gonzalez, I say this is two smart owners working something out that helps both of them. Its a brilliant deal and I wouldn’t veto it. The people in my league know I don’t penalize them for being smart. And the owners know they have a Constitutional right to get ripped off, so I won’t prevent that either. If two people agree, and there is no funny business, then I will pass a trade.

That’s all for now. Keep your questions coming.


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