Take note!

Posted: March 19, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

I just had a “That can’t be right” moment. Look at these 2009 statistics.

Player A- .284, 13 HR, 16 SB

Player B- .283, 18 HR, 16 SB

Player A is Carlos Gonzalez.

Player B is Franklin Gutierrez.

Yep, they went two different ways last season. But Gutierrez has the potential to be a perennial .280, 20/20 guy. He certainly wasn’t helped by that lineup last season. He could score 90+ runs if they hit better. The lineup still won’t help him, but they CANT be that bad again and this is a guy going undrafted, or being taken in the last round of many leagues, even some deeper leagues. Don’t miss out if you can get him for $1 or a last round pick.

  1. […] 46. Franklin Gutierrez will hit .275 with 20 HR and 20 SB- This is a fairly simple explanation why. […]

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