Some improv Q&A

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

I’m getting a lot of emails from members of deeper leagues, so we are going to look at some other-than-standard leagues and what’s new with them.

Fantasy X-Man,

Who are you buying at $1 in the draft-type final stages of a 16-team auction? My lineup is pretty good, so maybe some guys that might not be starters right away, but could shock people. -Marty, NC


Jed Lowrie is a guy I’ve been all over in drafts this year. I look at his .907 OPS last season and think if he was the starter, he has 20+ HR power, with a good average… at shortstop. We are talking about a potential top-5 shortstop. There is a plethora of pitchers that could fit here. Rick Porcello is one there. Carlos Zambrano has some potential, 8-0 1.58 ERA second half last season. Brent Morel looks like he will be starting at 3B for the White Sox. Lastly, I’ve got a standing flier on Brandon Wood.  Take it or leave it.

Fantasy X-Man,

In a 20-team keeper league where we keep 6, would I be crazy to keep three pitchers. I have Halladay, Liriano and Cain, but no one else is keeping more than one pitcher. Its a points league and starters score the most points. -Bradley, San Antonio


I kept four starters in my 18-team keeper in which we only keep four.  It is also a points league, and I had Halladay, Lincecum, Lester and Wainwright (keepers locked three days before the news broke…). Yes, my offense is at a disadvantage, but these are four of the top scorers in the league. In a league that deep, you dont often have a chance to own elites, so you have to keep them. Draft a lot of high-upside hitters. I’d be looking at guys like Jacoby Ellsbury, Gordon Beckham, and Ike Davis. In a 20-teamer, I’d be drafting guys like Jed Lowrie and Kila Ka’aihue.

Fantasy X-Man,

Who are you completely ignoring this season in drafts? -Marilyn, CA


Adrian Beltre, no thank you. Carl Crawford, Ichiro Suzuki, Jake Peavy, and the top 5 closers.

Fantasy X-Man,

When do we get to see Bryce Harper? People are talking about him coming up sometime this season. Is he worth drafting late in a seasonal league? -Jennifer, AZ


No. With Strasburg hurt, the Nats have no reason to rush him up. He’s better off getting a late 2012 cup of coffee, and starting 2013. If he comes up this year, feel free to add him, but I don’t see it, and I wouldn’t spend a draft pick on him.

Fantasy X-Man,

What does Domonic Brown’s injury do to him for this season? -Gary, NY


It makes him undraftable in 10 or 12 team seasonal leagues. Grab him off the waiver wire if he gets the starting job after a rehab assignment in the minors. I drafted him this weekend in my 18-team keeper league as a late round flier. Two reasons. One, its a keeper and he could still blossom into a star, or at the very least, trade bait. And two, he could have an impact when he is healthy, if they give him a job instead of leaving him in the minors. So deeper keeper leagues can own him. Otherwise, pass. And Ben Francisco is a nice deep league option in the OF.

That’s all for now. Keep the questions coming.


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