Posted: March 24, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

Fantasy X-Man,

What is the effect of leagues with more categories? I’m in a 10×10 auction draft this week. -Bradford, Kansas


One-category guys go down in value. Don’t pay for Juan Pierre, Rajai Davis, or any top closers. There are cheap saves out there. In 10×10 you might have holds, and I assume you have ERA and WHIP, so would you rather have Jonathan Papelbon for $10+ who gives you saves, ERA and WHIP or Daniel Bard for maybe $2-3 who gives you holds, ERA, WHIP? And Bard’s ERA and WHIP probably beat Paps. In leagues with saves and holds, I tend to go for top setup men and cheap closers.

Fantasy X-Man,

You admitted to be man-crushing on Jed Lowrie. Who else? -Jessica, ARK


Yes, I love Lowrie. Andrew McCutchen, still love Brandon Morrow, Gio Gonzalez and Francisco Liriano aren’t quite there but getting there. Pablo Sandoval is growing on me.

Fantasy X-Man,

Who are your top holds guys? -Marvin, OK


Daniel Bard, Rafael Soriano, Mike Adams, Aroldis Chapman, Chris Sale, Ryan Madson, Matt Capps and Luke Gregerson are the names that come to mind. Tyler Clippard might be there, Jordan Walden, Jason Motte, and Sergio Romo a little cheaper.

Fantasy X-Man,

Where do you see Brandon Belt’s numbers this season? -Jordan, Missouri


Expect more Ike Davis type than Buster Posey. Davis’ rookie year ended with .264, 19 HR, 71 RBI. Belt’s average might be a little higher, with fewer home runs. I could see .275-280, 12-15 HR, and around 70 RBI.

Fantasy X-Man,

What’s your usual auction strategy? -Nick, AZ


That depends entirely on settings. I have a 10×10 auction tonight, 12 teams, deep rosters, H2H each category. I’m going hardcore stars and scrubs. Also two categories are holds and complete games, so I will go get Halladay for sure. And instead of closers, I’m going to pay for setup men and grab cheap saves, focusing on ERA and WHIP. I will also go get one of the elite shortstops because there are so few. There are a lot of $1 values, so I will overspend on the guys I want.

Fantasy X-Man,

Can you throw out some underrated outfielders? -Maggie, Texas

Maggie, I’ll keep it simple.

Angel Pagan. Andres Torres. Tyler Colvin. Will Venable. Delmon Young. Andre Ethier. Curtis Granderson. Adam Jones. Nick Markakis. Franklin Gutierrez. Logan Morrison.

To name a few.

That’s all for now. More to come. Keep them coming.


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