Crazy last predictions

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

Everyone is undefeated today. As the first outs are recorded, let me throw out some “just for fun” last calls, some more plausible than others.

*No one will be undefeated on May 1
*Jose Reyes 15+ HR, 50+ SB, first round pick 2012 fantasy baseball
*Brandon Webb over 15 starts, Jake Peavy and Erik Bedard under.
*Daisuke Matsuzaka second best SP on the Red Sox
*Jed Lowrie .850+ OPS, 100+ games
*Tsuyoshi Nishioka .300+, 20+ SB
*Pirates over .500
*Rays last in AL East
*Brandon Wood 90+ games, 20+ HR
*Mark Prior 10 quality starts
*Neither Phillies nor Red Sox are in the World Series


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