Walking the Walk- Risk Reward Starter

Posted: April 5, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

I had added Chris Capuano as a starter eligible at RP. But now he is being used out of the pen, so I needed another starter, and it came down to Barry Enright against the Cubs or Andrew Cashner against the Diamondbacks.

Enright has more experience, and might be a little safer. Neither matchup is more appealing, and they are facing each other, so its the same ballpark.

In this 18 team mixed keeper, add/drops are instant and free (no waivers). I added Enright, but then went back, and changed my mind. While Enright might be more likely to give me a quality 10-point start, Cashner has the upside. He has strikeout potential and, while his downside might be lower, his upside is considerably higher.

Lastly, of the two, Cashner is the only one I could theoretically see pitching his way into serious fantasy value this season. He is 24, and can be wild, so I have limited expectations. Honestly, I’ll be ok with anything over zero. As long as he doesn’t go negative I’ll be happy. And if he scores anything over 10 I will be thrilled.

With six days left, I’m down 217-166.5. By this league standards, and with my starters (Halladay, Lincecum, Liriano) its anybody’s game.


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