Posted: April 7, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

Welcome to our regular Thursday Q&A.

Fantasy X-Man,

You were talking up Francisco Liriano. What’s going on? -Carly, Minnesota


I’m still buying. I would trade for him right now.

Fantasy X-Man,

I know you’ve been high on Wandy Rodriguez, but would you trade Carlos Quentin for him? -Chad, Toronto


I had this conversation with the Wandy owner in my 18-team league. I’m not dealing Quentin for Wandy because as long as he is healthy, he will rake. Rodriguez might slog through three bad months before he turns it on.

Fantasy X-Man,

Where will Joel Hanrahan and Craig Kimbrel be in the final saves leaders? -Jackson, Memphis


I see Kimbrel between 30-35 and Hanrahan between 25-30, so Kimbrel I like to be top-5 and Hanrahan around 10th.

Fantasy X-Man,

Who are you trying to trade for, if you were trading right now? -Francis, South Beach


I already mentioned Liriano. I’d ask about Wandy Rodriguez, Cole Hamels, Jed Lowrie (as my readers know). Ask about Brandon Morrow. I know those are mostly pitchers. For position players, I like Starlin Castro but he might be overpriced. Nick Markakis and Adam Jones are cheap outfielders who should perform. Also look at Ian Stewart, think he wakes up to the tune of 25-30 HR.

Fantasy X-Man,

Edinson Volquez and Johnny Cueto over under 20 starts, 10 wins, 180 K? -Jose, California


Over 20 starts for Volquez, right around 20 for Cueto. Over on wins for both, maybe 11 or 12. Under on Ks for both, but not by much.

Fantasy X-Man,

Trevor Cahill struck out seven today. What does it do to his value if he has learned how to strike people out? -Hank, Anaheim


He becomes a top-40 SP in my book. He is a good ERA and WHIP guy but the knock was always the lack of strikeouts. Even if he got 150-160 he would be a very good fantasy pitcher. He only had 118 last year.

Fantasy X-Man,

Would you trade for any of the Red Sox at this point? -Jenny, Michigan


I still feel like they are overpriced in fantasy, just because of the team. If anything, I’d trade for Ellsbury and Crawford while they are slumping, if I could get them cheaper than normal, but I doubt their owners are dealing.

Fantasy X-Man,

Over/under .275, 30, 100 for Jose Bautista and Adrian Beltre. I drafted both as my 3B and CI. Carter, New York



Fantasy X-Man,

Over/under 20 HR, 20 SB for Angel Pagan and Andres Torres. -Mark, Orange County


Under HR, over SB for both.

Fantasy X-Man,

Who are the top-5 fantasy starting pitchers at the end of the season? -Keisha, Arizona


Lincecum, Felix, Josh Johnson, Halladay, Lester

Fantasy X-Man,

No wins in six tries. How many wins for the Red Sox? -Rusty, Philadelphia


I’d put the over/under around 94-95.

Fantasy X-Man,

Over/under 100 games, .270, 15 HR, 15 SB for Desmond Jennings and Domonic Brown? -Terry, Pittsburgh


Under on all, except Jennings’ SB.

Fantasy X-Man,

Rank Castro, Jeter, Rollins, Drew, Andrus and Utley at the end of the season. -Troy, New York


Ok, I’ll rank them at the end of the year… But since it’s there, I’ll rank them now as well. Jeter, Castro, Andrus, Rollins, Drew, Utley.

Thanks for all the questions guys. Catch you later.


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