Q&A for fun

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

Regular readers know I do Q&A on Thursdays, but I had a few minutes and thought I’d knock out a few now.

Fantasy X-Man,

Who would be unowned in a 20-team mixed league that is worthwhile for a 10×10 league that uses OPS, K/9, HD among others? -Jeremy, Kentucky


Mad props for being in a league of such depth. For holds and K/9 I am starting to like Jeremy Jeffress of the Royals. Michael Brantley is probably owned, but if not, there are steals and runs to be had there. Willie Bloomquist is tearing it up. Ride the hot streak. See if you can grab Brent Morel. Anyone with a full-time job is valuable in a league that deep. Kenley Jansen is a nice deep saves sleeper for the Dodgers, with good strikeouts. If you read me often, you know I think Jed Lowrie will soon be the starting SS there and if he isn’t owned, grab him.

Fantasy X-Man,

Over/under 30 saves for Walden, 200 K for Mark Reynolds, 15 wins for Ivan Nova, 10 starts and 5 wins for Andrew Cashner? -Patty, Austin


Slight under on Walden. Say 25 and I say over. Also slight under on Reynolds, and that makes him a .230-240 hitter and solid value in points leagues. Under for Nova. Not sure he gets enough starts to get 15. Cashner just went on the DL, and the Cubs will be careful with the star prospect. That being said, I like him and I’d say over on starts and wins there. He should already have a win if the Cubs bullpen didn’t blow it.

Fantasy X-Man,

Over/under 20 starts, 13 wins for Brian Matusz and Brandon Morrow. 25 HR and 30 SB for Andrew McCutchen. And where do you rank young middle infielders Neil Walker and Starlin Castro after hot starts? Thanks. -Bradley, Montana


Over on starts for Matusz and Morrow. Over wins for Matusz, under for Morrow. Under HR and over SB for McCutchen. I’d rank Walker around 10th among 2B, and Castro would be around #7 or 8 of all SS.

Fantasy X-Man,

Talk to me about Jeremy Hellickson. Are you buying the outing? -Jennifer, San Diego


I think what you saw, is exactly what you should expect. He will get a ton of strikeouts, and he will give up some walks, some runs and will lose games he deserves to win because of that team and the lack of run support. I would say in the ballpark of 11 wins, 150 K, 140 innings, 3.70 ERA, and 1.30 WHIP.

Fantasy X-Man,

Can you rank Desmond Jennings, Domonic Brown, Freddie Freeman, and Brandon Belt just for this season. -Javier, Spokane


I want Belt from that group, and its not close. This might surprise you, but I’ll take Brown then Freeman then Jennings.

Fantasy X-Man,

Over/under .300, 40, 125 for Alex Rodriguez, Mark Texeira, and Robinson Cano. Over/under 30 HR and 30 SB for Ian Kinsler. Over/under 130 games for Nelson Cruz, Josh Hamilton, and Carlos Quentin. -Marco, Pittsburgh


Those are all great over/unders. I’ll go by player.

Mark Texeira- over .300, under 40, over 125
Alex Rodriguez- Under .300, under 40, over 125
Robinson Cano- Over .300, under 40, under 125
Ian Kinsler- Over 30 HR, over 30 SB (I’m buying 100%)
Josh Hamilton under 130 games, Nelson Cruz around 130 but I take slight under, and Carlos Quentin I’ll take the slight over on 130.

Well everyone, tomorrow is Thursday so there will be more Q&A to come.


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