Add/Drop for week 1

Posted: April 8, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

I know many experts and fantasy writers will begin add/drop columns with 1,000-word intros that are largely unrelated to baseball. You dont have much time, so I will skip to the stuff you are here for.

ADD- Brandon Morrow– He will be off the DL soon and it won’t be long before he is one of the league K/9 leaders.

DROP- Edinson Volquez– In standard leagues, there are better options on waivers.

ADD- AJ Burnett– He is 2-0 and, even with a so-so ERA and WHIP, he will get some strikeouts and a lot of wins.

DROP- John Lackey– See Volquez, E.

ADD- Travis Hafner– He is batting .368 so far, and his swing looks great. This was a 40 HR threat at some point in his life.

DROP- Brad Lidge– He will be out until July, at least, so you can safely drop him for better save options in standard leagues.

ADD- Set up men- There were 21 blown saves in the first week of the season, so anyone who is next in line is worth owning in any leagues deeper than 10-team mixed.

DROP- Marco Scutaro– They say any everyday player has SOME value. He won’t play everyday for long. Jed Lowrie is lurking.

ADD- Alcides Escobar– Just a gut call. Top-10 shortstop this season.

DROP- John Jaso– He was among the logjam of $1 catchers taken late in drafts, and he simply isn’t hitting anything. There are other options on waivers.

ADD- Russel Martin- Good player to add when dropping Jaso.

DROP- Peter Bourjos– There are a lot of fast outfielders. He was a popular sleeper draft pick, and its time to make him hit before he’s ownable.

ADD- Cameron Maybin– We know he’s fast, but he’s shown some serious power. I tend to be an upside guy, and Maybin’s upside is in Andrew McCutchen range (best-case).

DROP- Carl Pavano- See Volquez, E.

ADD- Jon Jay– He was great last season, filling in for injures and playing almost everyday for a while. With Matt Holliday’s appendix, and even when he’s back, Jay should see a few starts per week.

Keep your questions coming.


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