Add/Drop for this week

Posted: April 15, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

There are some big names here who might be expendable.

ADD AJ Burnett– He’s 3-0. Add him in points leagues because you might get 15 wins, but he wont help your ERA and WHIP.

DROP Phil Hughes– He isn’t just getting rocked. He looks bad doing it. In 10 or 12 team leagues, he is absolutely expendable.

ADD Justin Masterson– Not only is he winning, but he is striking people out. There’s value there in every league.

DROP Brandon Belt– The move to the outfield tells me he is getting demoted soon, because his glove is elite at first base.

ADD Sam Lecure– He’s usually a matchup play, but he has two starts next week and should be useful in deeper leagues.

DROP Jake Westbrook– There are simply better options out there. Pitching is so deep.

ADD Sergio Santos– White Sox closers just look awful in general. Santos might get a shot at the closer job.

DROP Marco Scutaro– I’m telling you, my friends, there’s no way Terry Francona can stick with him when his backup is raking.

ADD Ian Stewart- Call it a gut call. But third basemen with 30 homer potential are rare, and he is being dropped all over the place.

DROP JJ Hardy– Becasue he is on the DL and you can………

ADD Jamey Carroll– Will be starting for the Dodgers in Rafael Furcal’s absence.

DROP Ivan Nova because you can………..

ADD Derek Holland– The young Rangers pitcher looks good, and will have plenty of run support.

Keep your questions coming.

  1. […] all ESPN leagues, but this is merely a chance for me to point out that I told you to add him on April 15. He has seven quality starts in seven starts so far this […]

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