Posted: April 15, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

Fantasy X-Man,

I was offered Ted Lilly and Kila Ka’aihue for Francisco Liriano, is this selling too low? -Francis, New Jersey


Don’t panic! He must be reading my blog too because I’m buying Liriano right now, at anything below 100 cents on the dollar. 

Fantasy X-Man,

Will Brian Matusz’ injury affect him long term? What do you project for this season? -Kevin, Bakersfield


I don’t think it will affect him long term. They won’t rush him back, and it’s not the lower back, which tends to linger. He should be fine going forward. As far as projections, I’d say something like 10 wins, 3.50 ERA and 1.25 WHIP. He is certainly a buy-low candidate if the owner in your league is dealing, and in keeper leagues, he has borderline top-30 value.

Fantasy X-Man,

How do you feel about good pitchers on bad teams, like King Felix? Also, what do you see from Chris Carpenter going forward? -Tim, Georgia


Wins are tough to predict. I go for talent. I would gladly take Felix Hernandez on any of my teams. The big difference comes for me when you’re talking about the lower-tier spot start types. I’d rather have AJ Burnett than James McDonald because neither is helping my ERA or WHIP, but I can at least hope for a win with Burnett. 

Fantasy X-Man,

AJ Burnett is 3-0!!! Sell-high or hang onto him? -Curtis, Fresno


Is anyone buying-high? I’d sell if I could get 110 cents on the dollar. 

Fantasy X-Man,

What are your thoughts on the Upton boys so far, and for this season? -Maggie, Michigan

I love getting a fantasy question from someone named Maggie! 

Justin is batting .295, BJ is batting .282. If they both did that, they’d both be top-15 fantasy outfielders. I don’t expect that to happen. Expect Justin around .280, with 20-25 HR and 20-30 SB. BJ will get his usual 40 SB, and around 15 HR. He will also bat around .240. If you can trade Justin for an elite outfielder (think Andrew McCutchen or Matt Holliday) you do it. 

Fantasy X-Man,

With Manny gone, how long before we see Desmond Jennings? -Andrew, Chicago

Andrew… Cashner by any chance? How’s the shoulder?

Well, Andrew, Johnny Damon is smoking hot right now. I’d say its unlikely Jennings is up before June. Once up, he should help you in steals and score some runs, without a great average or much power to speak of.

Fantasy X-Man,

When is Andres Torres coming back and how will he do? -Jack, San Francisco


He is expected back in the lineup Saturday, as long as his Friday workout goes according to plan. And he should be fine. He might not be as aggressive on the bases for a week, but there shouldn’t be any long term affect.

Fantasy X-Man,

Tell my husband to trade me Mark Teixeira for Adam Lind and a home cooked meal! -Brenda, Texas

Brenda’s husband,

This all depends on your wife’s cooking. The gap in players isn’t quite as big as people think, but it is there. If I were in a league with my wife, I’d rather win and eat fast food, but I’m competitive. 

That’s all for now. Keep sending your questions. Some players to add and drop coming tomorrow. 


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