Walking the Walk- Bad, just bad.

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

I lost. In fact, I was outscored on each individual day. This happened for several reasons. First of all, Andres Torres went on the disabled list, so I have no healthy center fielder, and need to pull a trade soon.

Also, Tim Lincecum and Francisco Liriano were both bad. In an 18-team league, with an 8-start weekly limit, those are killers. Finally, Jed Lowrie was on the bench half the week. Side note, Lowrie went 4-5 with a home run, four RBI, and two runs scored this morning.

This Lowrie bumping his average up over .500 now, he HAS to find a lineup spot every single day. Don’t laugh when I say, if he gets everyday at bats, he could be a top FIVE shortstop this season, top ten at the least.

Now that Lowrie is playing everyday, and I expect Liriano to turn it around, I am 0-2 but should be solid going forward. I need to get a center fielder, so heads up on trade notices hopefully coming soon.


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