Snakes and Ladders

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

Pay attention to the comments next to these guys. Some of the snakes I suggest you go trade for. And some of the ladders I suggest you trade now.

SNAKE- Ian Stewart is a tricky situation. He looked horrendous and overmatched, and has been sent down to Triple-A. Listen carefully, this is still a third baseman with big power. If you can trade him away for 80 cents on the dollar, do it. If you can trade for him with 60 cents on the dollar, I would do it. What does that mean? It means I would trade him away for a guy like Justin Masterson or Edwin Jackson. I would trade away a hot scrub like Bruce Chen or maybe Travis Hafner for him. He’s a good guy to try to get as a throw-in to balance a trade.

LADDER- Sam Fuld is producing to the tune of .8 and seven stolen bases. The question is, when will Desmond Jennings come up, and how often will Fuld play then? If Fuld keeps playing well, maybe Johnny Damon gets benched or traded.

SNAKE- Francisco Liriano… you know what I think. Go get this guy while he’s cheap.

LADDER- Travis Hafner is batting .346 with four home runs. He is useful in all leagues if you have room for the DH only eligibility that isn’t likely to change. If he’s unowned, go get him. The swing looks good and he could push .280 and 20 HR.

SNAKE- John Axford blew another save the other day. I would absolutely consider adding Kameron Loe in deeper leagues.

LADDER- Colby Rasmus will be streaky. He’s at .364 and that won’t last. He could hit .280, but I’d expect more like .270. He should hit 20 HR and score close to 100 runs too. If your league separates LF, CF, and RF, then you know center is fairly shallow. Rasmus’ value is higher in such leagues. (and I do recommend separating the three outfield positions)

SNAKE- Albert Pujols is actually batting .239. If his owner in your league is desperate, you might float some buy-low offers, but buying low on Pujols might be giving up Prince Fielder and Chad Billingsley. “Low” is relative. If you own him, I wouldn’t trade him.

LADDER- Drew Stubbs is at .279, with four homers and five steals. I love that from him. I would expect .275, 25 and 30 for the season.

SNAKE- Brian Matusz, Brandon Morrow… young guys whose value is dropping while they’re on the DL and I don’t get it. These are two guys that should be back in the next couple weeks, and I would want both on my team for the duration of the season.

LADDER- Ty Wigginton is the winner with Stewart being sent down to the minors.

SNAKE- Kila Ka’aihue is another minor league masher who can’t hack it at the big league level (Brandon Wood, Kyle Blanks, etc.). But it seems he is simply holding a spot for Eric Hosmer anyway.

LADDER- Jerry Sands was called up by the Dodgers this week. He has two doubles and two RBI in two games so far. I added him in my 18-team keeper for the upside, and because he will get LF eligibility soon, which is shallow.

NOTE: Bryce Harper not exactly tearing up “A” ball.


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