Q&A, Little football mixed in

Posted: April 28, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Football

As always, its time for our weekly Q&A. Happy Thursday!

Fantasy X-Man,

What do I do with Francisco Liriano? -Erik, Carolina


At this point, he is worth more to you than anyone else. You won’t get a fair return, so I would hang onto him until he turns it around. I believe he will. 

Fantasy X-Man,

In a full season of at bats, who strikes out more, Mark Reynolds or Brandon Wood? -Jesse, Minnesota


Excellent question. I’ll take Wood. But I don’t think he’ll ever get a full season. And if he does, he doesn’t deserve it. 

Fantasy X-Man,

I’m in a keeper league and sitting at 0-3. This week isn’t looking good after Liriano torched me last night. At what point do you cut bait on this season and start trading for the best possible combination of keepers for next year? -Fred, Kentucky


I’m in a similar position in my 18-team keeper. Liriano notched -14 points last night and I’m looking at 0-4. I’m giving it until 0-5 before I really start dealing for next year, looking to get the best possible keepers and higher draft picks too. That’s the earliest I’d give in.

Fantasy X-Man,

Would you sell high on Brett Anderson right now, with the health concerns? -Mary, Texas


I’d sell if I could get an established starter like Dan Haren, Tommy Hanson, Cole Hamels type. But I would trade an older guy or someone with more questions. I would trade Francisco Liriano for Anderson straight up. 

Fantasy X-Man,

Do you watch the NFL draft? Anyone who can have an immediate impact? -Bill, Virginia


Everything depends on where guys land. I think a guy like Patrick Peterson or Von MIller could have an immediate effect on a D/ST in fantasy football. As far as offense, it all depends where they land. I don’t see any running backs I’d want to own this year. AJ Green and Julio Jones are likely to be overpriced in drafts as most rookies are. I’m not touching Cam Newton. But if you’ve read my blog in football season, you know I HATE owning rookies in general. 

Fantasy X-Man,

A football question for you. I’m in a dynasty league with a rookie draft every year. Who would be your top overall pick? -Alison, New Hampshire


First of all, congrats on being the first one from New Hampshire to send in a question. Second, it entirely depends on where they go. 

Fantasy X-Man,

How real is Travis Hafner? -Victor, Alabama


He’s .280, 20, 80 in 135 games real. He’s not .340, 30, 100 in 150 games real. 

Fantasy X-Man,

Is Jair Jurrjens a sell-high guy? -Ramirez, California


I would wait to sell on Jurrjens. He had a fantastic year in 2009, something like 2.60 ERA and 1.20 WHIP, I don’t have the numbers in front of me. But I would hold onto him for now. 

Fantasy X-Man,

When will your new rankings be up? -Greg, Memphis


They’re almost done. I’m planning to post them on Sunday. 

That’s all for now. Keep the questions coming. 


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