Concerning Chase Utley

Posted: May 8, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

No one can agree on Chase Utley. Some say (he says) he could be back before the All-Star Break. Color me skeptical. At this point, there are two concerns in owning the former #1 second baseman.

1) He doesn’t play. His type of injury isn’t necessarily “curable” as it is “manageable”. He will be able to play when he can handle the pain. But there is no timetable set, which tells me the ASB is the absolutely most optimistic goal at this point.

2) He comes back as a shell of his former self. He will be playing with pain if he returns. How much is something probably only he will know, as he’s known to be one of the toughest competitors in baseball and will likely minimize the pain to play.

Either way, I’m not touching him. If the Phillies set a timeline for his return, even if it is sometime in July, then I might add him in a deep league, but I certainly wouldn’t trade for him, as his name power will leave him overpriced.

He could come back in July, and be a top-5 second baseman for the rest of the season. But I’d say there is no greater chance of that, as chance he either doesn’t come back this year at all, or comes back briefly like Jacoby Ellsbury circa 2010.

  1. I see what you are saying, since he’s such a big name, probably not worth the risk.

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