Walking the Walk- Finally, a WIN

Posted: May 10, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

Thank you Tim Lincecum, Roy Halladay and finally, thank you Francisco Liriano. With injuries still ravaging my team, the starting pitchers got it done.

I am now 1-4, but things are looking up. Brian Matusz has started his rehab assignment. Andres Torres, JJ Hardy and Logan Morrison should be back within the week, and the team is starting to look healthy.

Fun stat, my team scored 271 points on the week, and I got 148 of those from five starting pitchers Lincecum (34), Halladay (29.5), Tyson Ross (34.5 over two starts), Liriano (29.5) and Justin Masterson (20.5).

  1. I hear you. I’m 3-2 in a ten team league, and in a six team league with all of the same people (my friends) minus four, I was 18-3. I’ve got an injured team and finally I got a good win. Who cares that it was against the worst team in the league, I scored the most points yet this season for my team.

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