Posted: May 13, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

Its Thursday. Welcome to our weekly Q&A.

Fantasy X-Man,

You know you’re the only expert holding out hope for Francisco Liriano….. -Madison, California


I didn’t know that I was the ONLY one, but thanks for pointing it out. 

Fantasy X-Man,

Eric Hosmer homered again today. Is .285, 20, 90 possible? -James, North Dakota


If you’re talking about best-case scenario, its possible. 

Fantasy X-Man,

How do you come up with your rankings? I can’t see how Pujols isn’t the top first baseman, as he would be the top overall player. Thanks for taking my question. -Frank, Boston


When I’m ranking players, I ask myself if I would trade player A for player B straight up. At this point, I would not trade Miguel Cabrera for Albert Pujols straight up. Looking back, I’d have a very hard time trading Joey Votto or Ryan Braun for him straight up either.

Fantasy X-Man,

You have Liriano in the top-30 of all SP for the rest of the season……. just so you know. -Al, Texas

Thank you Al! 

This might surprise you, but I do double and triple check rankings before they go up. I may be off the bandwagon after one or two more bad starts, or if he gets dropped from the rotation, but color me optimistic. I’m a buyer for one more week. 

Fantasy X-Man,

Is Trevor Cahill THIS good? -Mary, Northern Cali


I just had a debate about this with a friend of mine. And yes, he is this good. I had him at #28 in my May 1 rankings and that may have been lowballing. He is absolutely top-30 and might be top-20 in baseball by the end of the season. Keyword MIGHT. He won’t get much run support so wins will be an issue. And I have serious doubt he can maintain this strikeout rate. The use of the curve makes it possible and certainly his K/9 will be higher than last year, but I can’t see it being this high all season, But in general, I am a buyer. 

Fantasy X-Man,

What kind of starter can I get for Carl Crawford at this point? -Caleb, Michigan


Worst possible time to trade him. He will improve exponentially and probably soon. I’d rather deal just about anyone else at this point because you’d be selling extremely low. 

Fantasy X-Man,

What would you trade for Bryce Harper in a dynasty league? And when do you see him being a legitimate fantasy star? -Danny, Washington


Not much. Expendable parts probably. If you’re looking at 0-6 and have a roster full of old guys, meaning its going to be a couple seasons before you can really compete, then maybe I’d trade old guys who can still play. Think Bobby Abreu, Derek Jeter, Torii Hunter types. Anything beyond that and I wouldnt because nobody knows what he will actually do. Remember there have been a ton of #1 prospects that have busted. That being said, expect him to get a June or September callup in 2012, compete for a starting job in 2013, and IF IF IF he is what they say he is, he reaches stardom sometime in 2014. 

Thanks for the questions. That’s all for now. I’ll try to do some more over the weekend.

  1. Yeah, I have Torii Hunter on one of my teams, but he’s been killing me. I’m going to drop him, I don’t know who to pick up, should I drop him now?

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