Spontaneous Q&A

Posted: May 17, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Football

Just for fun, we’re going to hit some of the questions that came in over the weekend.

Fantasy X-Man,

When are you cutting bait on Francisco Liriano? -Davis, Connecticut


I have to start him tonight because, if you bench him against the Mariners, there’s no point in owning him. If he can’t get a quality start against the Mariners, I might just be done. 

Fantasy X-Man,

With Braden’s season over, does Ross stick in the rotation? -Paul, Michigan


I like Ross to get 20 starts this season. He is certainly worth owning in any format right now. 

Fantasy X-Man,

Tim Lincecum had a bad start! JUMP SHIP!!! -Panicky Fantasy Owner, USA

Well played, Mr. Panic. 

Obviously, Lincecum is entitled to a bad go every now and then and he is still a top-3 SP. 

Fantasy X-Man,

You mentioned in a previous post that Pujols might not be your #1 overall right now. Can you give us a top-10 overall, as you see it? -Mallory, Nebraska


That’s a fair request. This would be from now to the end of the season. I might even go to 15. 

1. Miguel Cabrera
2. Joey Votto
3. Ryan Braun
4. Jose Bautista (I know, I know, I was wrong)
5. Albert Pujols
6.  Hanley Ramirez
7. Matt Kemp
8. Troy Tulowitzki
9. Halladay/Lincecum/Felix (pick your poison)
10. Matt Holliday
11. Evan Longoria
12. Jose Reyes
13. Weaver/Johnson/Verlander
14. Prince Fielder
15.  Carl Crawford

Fantasy X-Man,

Are you buying Curtis Granderson? He’s at .280, 14 HR. Would it be possible to see .280/35 and 20 steals at the end? -Marcus, Subway


I love Subway. And I think the average is a bit high. I could see 35/20 around .270 mark. Add 100 runs scored and possibly 100 RBI and there’s some serious thump there. He could be a top-20 hitter at the end of the season.

Fantasy X-Man,

Football question. Can you give us some early sleepers and busts for 2011? -James, LA


Positional rankings are in construction and should be up by the end of the month. I hate Michael Vick this year. I love Tim Tebow. I hate rookies, as usual, including and especially Cam Newton. If and when the collective bargaining agreement is worked out, we will see the big free agents start to sign, and that will tell us a lot more. 

Fantasy X-Man,

What are some of your favorite bands? -Random questioner, Utah

Dearest Random Questioner,

I tend to go through phases, but right now, The Black Keys, Snow Patrol, and Joshua Radin are close to the top. 

Fantasy X-Man,

You hate rookies. Hosmer is tearing it up so far. Thoughts? -Jack, Franklin Lakes


I have family near Franklin Lakes. To your question, .242 and two home runs in 33 at bats. Not sure I’d call it “tearing it up.” 

Fantasy X-Man,

I was scanning your pre-season sleeper/bust article. Dang dude, you had Napoli, Jeter, Crawford and Posada on your busts. But then you killed it with Jose Bautista. Good job. -Glenn, California


I know. I have said multiple times that I was wrong about Bautista. He’s a straight beast. BUT it is still early. There is time for him to fall apart. 

That was fun guys. Keep the questions coming. And keep eyes out for football stuff starting to go up. I’m going to plan for a full football season, as usual, until we hear otherwise.

  1. It’s too bad Dallas Braden is gone for the year. Anyway, how long will Justin Masterson stay this dominant?

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