Walking the Walk- Excellent Question Answered

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

From Jake in Utah: Dude, you keep saying player values are affected by league settings, but you have yet to pay out the league settings of the team you talk about in “Walking the Walk” so how do I know if you’re following your advice or not?

Jake, that’s an excellent question. And I will do that now.

18 teams, Each team carries 24 players, 19 starters, five bench and two DL spots are available. For starting pitchers, there is an 8 start per week limit.

For hitters:

home runs=4
walks, runs scored and RBI are each 1 point
stolen bases=2
strikeouts= -0.5
caught stealing and errors are -1 each.

For pitchers:

Innings pitched=3
earned runs= -2.5
Blown Saves=-2
hits= -0.5
quality starts=1.5

My lineup as it stands now looks like this:

C- Aj Pierzynski
1B- Aubrey Huff (also eligible at LF/RF)
2B- Jed Lowrie (SS/3B)
3B- Omar Infante (2B, LF)
SS- JJ Hardy
LF- Andres Torres (CF/RF)
CF- Alex Rios
RF- Jerry Sands (LF)
OF- Carlos Quentin (RF)
UTIL- Travis Hafner
UTIL- Frankling Gutierrez (CF)

SP- Roy Halladay, Tim Lincecum, Justin Masterson, Wandy Rodriguez, Jordan Zimmerman, Rick Porcello, Tyson Ross, Doug Fister (four active at a time)

RP- Sergio Santos, Joel Hanrahan, Jordan Walden, Chris Sale (four active at a time)

Bench- Ike Davis (on DL but my DL is full), and the four SP I dont have active on any given day

DL- Adam Wainwright, Brian Matusz

So that’s the league, and my team as it stands. I’m 2-4, but looking good to win this week as long as Halladay and Lincecum pitch well.

  1. One question: Why do you still have Wainwright? Do you expect to get anything out of him this year?

  2. Its a keeper league. Each team keeps four. I’m probably not going to keep him, but I’m thinking I can get something for him (either package him for a better keeper, or get a pretty high draft pick) in the offseason before next year’s draft.

  3. Ah. Thanks for the clarification.

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