Walking the Walk- TRADE!! Selling high and buying low!

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

I traded Logan Morrison and Francisco Liriano for Alex Rios and Wandy Rodriguez.

Honestly, I feel like I won both sides of this deal. First of all, the headache of owning Liriano is over. I think he will be up and down all year, with flashes of brilliance, but to get Rodriguez for him, I think its a clear upgrade.

In the outfield, Morrison is talented, but he’s unlikely to keep up his current power pace, and Rios is too good to keep playing this bad. I was happy to buy low there. The entire White Sox lineup is going to wake up one of these days, and it will be fun to watch. The thing is, Morrison is a LF and Rios is CF, which is a lot more shallow. So even if I expect them to end up with similar stats, Rios holds more value to me.

  1. Nice trade. I agree with you that Rios is a steal. His slump will probably stop soon, and even though I don’t like Wandy Rodriguez (I find him too inconsistent, at least in previous years), there might be something hidden from us about Francisco Liriano and it was best to just get rid of him.

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