Who to add, who to drop this week

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

You’ll find, with the release of ESPN’s new “expert rankings”, player values will shift accordingly. People take the ESPN guys at their word and use the rankings as law. So be careful with your dealing right now. But there is talent to be had on the free agent market.

ADD- Dustin Ackley in deeper mixed and AL only leagues. It seems he will be up as soon as the first week of June.

DROP- Matt Lindstrom isn’t putting up clean innings in no-pressure situations. It seems unlikely he sniffs a relevant role anytime soon.

ADD- JJ Hardy in deeper leagues. He is a quality shortstop who can hit for power and is in a great lineup and a great hitters park.

DROP- Gordon Beckham… maybe it will be this year… maybe it will be next year… maybe never.

ADD- Brian Matusz is expected to make his first start on May 26.

DROP- Chone Figgins’ value is in steals and runs scored. He isn’t scoring runs in that offense. And he isn’t getting on base enough to really steal a ton either.

ADD- Pedro Alvarez will get hot and the home runs will rain down. Call it a hunch, but if you have room to stash him, its worth the roster spot.

DROP- Vernon Wells… take a look at his home/away splits from 2010. He was a terrible road hitter and we are seeing that now.

ADD- Jonathan Lucroy wont hit over .300 for the season, but as far as catcher’s go, he’s absolutely ownable.

DROP- Travis Snider for those of you hanging on.

ADD- Peter Bourjos where you need quality speed numbers. His average wont kill you and he should steal more as he gets comfortable and score more runs.

DROP- 9.7% of  ESPN leagues still own Manny Ramirez…….

ADD- Franklin Gutierrez just came off the DL. For someone looking for a CF, Gutierrez has 15 HR/25 SB ability.

That’s all for now. Keep sending in your questions and let me know what you think. Is there anything on the site you’d like to see change, or some information you’d like to see more of? Shoot me an email.

  1. Are you serious? 9.7% still have Manny? Obviously they’re either living in a cave or haven’t checked their fantasy team once since the draft.

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