Looking back at the first two months…….

Posted: May 22, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

Just some observations from the first quarter of the season.

Another mediocre start from Francisco Liriano and I’m glad I traded him. It would have been my luck that he tweaks his delivery and doesn’t give up another run for two months now that he’s on another team. But I think he will be like this all season. Dominant for one, then a few mediocre starts, another great one, then gets rocked. He’s going to be a headache to own.

How about James Shields huh? He came into today with a 2.26 ERA and 0.99 WHIP and then obliterated the Marlins. He struck out 13 in a complete game shutout. Three hits and one walk were all they managed. This is a guy on his way up. No, I don’t think he will win the Cy Young, or continue this pace, but an ERA slightly above or below three is possible, and 200 strikeouts could happen. I see him in the top-30 of starting pitchers.

Adam Dunn, Andrew McCutchen, Albert Pujols and Carl Crawford are going to be fine. Add Hanley Ramirez to that list.

Roy Halladay and Tim Lincecum are the best two pitchers in baseball. And Halladay, at 34, doesn’t seem to be slowing. That famous conditioning of his could keep him among the elite into his late 30s.

Chase Utley and Grady Sizemore will be on and off the DL for the entire season. From what medical people say about Utley’s injury, it is not fixable, merely manageable. And even if he plays all season, he won’t be near 100%. Sizemore is what he is, great when healthy, but rarely healthy.

The Texas Rangers won’t win the division because they can’t stay healthy. Nelson Cruz and Josh Hamilton are currently on the DL. Ian Kinsler is not known for his durability, and Adrian Beltre is a career .260 hitter if you take out 2004 and 2010.

The Cleveland Indians will win enough games to finish second in the central. And Justin Masterson is legit. Don’t be surprised to see him finish with 15 wins and an ERA under three, though I’d expect 12 wins and an ERA around 3.25 at the end.

There isn’t a player on the planet who I would accept in a trade for Jose Bautista. I was wrong about him. He’s a beast.

Doug Fister is having a breakout season. His ERA is 2.93. He won’t win many games in Seattle, but being there has allowed his stellar surrounding numbers to go largely unnoticed.

Josh Johnson is a top-5 starting pitcher when he’s healthy. But there will always be questions because of numerous minor injuries, and one of these days, he’s bound to hit “the big one.”

I loved Jed Lowrie coming in. Well, he’s batting .316 with 19 runs scored and 19 RBI, and he has added third base eligibility to his 2B/SS usefulness.

The catcher position is annoyingly shallow.

Third basemen need to learn to stay healthy.

Don’t expect to see Adam Wainwright or Stephen Strasburg in my top-20 preseason SP next season.

Neither Upton Brother is batting over .260, furthering my contention that they carry the most value-altering names in baseball. Their stats on any other players would be mid-round outfield value. Add “Upton” on the back of the jersey and they become sinfully overpriced.

Rick Porcello is pitching as well as he ever has.

The season is still in its early stages, so don’t be too hasty in your lineup decisions. You drafted your guys for a reason. Be patient and you will be rewarded.

  1. I never thought it would be James Shields dominating for the Rays like this. The obvious choice was David Price and a breakout pitcher in Jeremy Hellickson.

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