Walking the Walk- Three in a row…

Posted: May 23, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

We are finally rolling. I had a huge Sunday, getting 31 from Rick Porcello, 19.5 from Wandy Rodriguez and 14.5 from Jordan Zimmerman.

Funny stat, although my team is 3-4, I’ve scored the seventh most points of the 18 teams in the league so far this season.

With Brian Matusz coming back soon, and Ike Davis and Travis Hafner on the DL, I’m shopping one of my starting pitchers for an impact bat. I’m targeting slow starters like Adam Dunn and Carl Crawford.

The team is rolling, so I’m not making huge changes. I continue to get solid output from previously unknown starters Justin Masterson, and Doug Fister. 

  1. Yeah, it’s mostly the same for me. I started 1-3, and now have gotten back to 4-3. I made a few moves that helped a lot, and now I’m rolling a well.

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