Trading while hot

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

Many people follow the strategy of not trading while their team is winning. And those people scoff at me dealing the last couple weeks in the midst of a three week winning streak. But personally, I say a good deal is a good deal. If I think a trade makes my team better, then I’m taking it, whether I’ve won five in a row, or lost five in a row.

Also, a bad deal is a bad deal, regardless of losing streaks. Just because I lost three in a row, doesn’t make Jered Weaver worse than Trevor Cahill. Players will go through hot and cold periods. The smart owners are the ones who see other teams who have lost a few in a row, and buy low on their struggling stars.

Don’t fall into the trap of refusing to deal while you win, and needing to deal when you lose. Look at your team as a whole and make a smart, informed decision.

  1. Completely agree. It’s all about the big picture. If you don’t deal someone who’s playing well at the current moment for a reliable player, you’re making a mistake.

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