Walking the Walk- TRADE!!

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

I traded Wandy Rodriguez, Rick Porcello and Sergio Santos for Matt Cain, Martin Prado and Matt Lindstrom.

Now, I think Cain is better than Rodriguez, and, while Porcello is hot, I think he is in the dime-a-dozen group of starters between 50th and 80th at the end of the season. I really hesitated when he asked for one of my closers, but a look at the league scoring made this easy.

Last season, the top scoring reliever was Heath Bell with 411.5 points. Only three relievers were over 400. In comparison, Carlos Lee scored 411.5 points last season. Relievers just dont score enough points to make a huge difference. Also, Santos was a virtual unknown coming into the season, and it is still a very real possibility that Chris Sale (who I own) or Matt Thornton retakes the closer job before the season is up.

On top of that, Lindstrom is first in line behind a closer, Huston Street, who has his own injury history. With Brian Matusz coming off the DL soon and an 8 start weekly limit, I had extra SP, so the deal works for me on every level.

  1. Good deal. You got a steal with Cain, who is seriously underrated, and Prado, who was great last season. Lindstrom isn’t chump change either.

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