Walking the Walk- TRADE!!

Posted: May 26, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

I know what you’re thinking, no way I made another deal! But these things fall into my lap. I traded Ike Davis and Matt Lindstrom for Adam Dunn and Ryan Madson.

Again, this struck me as a no-brainer. The Lindstrom/Madson part is obvious. Madson has established himself as the closer on a team with great pitching and iffy offense, meaning lots of 3-2 or 2-1 scores and lots of saves. The Phils are currently fifth in baseball in team saves. (funny note, the St. Louis Cardinals lead all teams with 18, without a true closer).

Some people would question the Davis/Dunn side, but we are talking about a guy with 38 or more home runs EVERY SINGLE YEAR since 2004. Ok? Against a second year player in the worst hitting park in baseball, coming off an injury and was hitting a bit over his head before it.

Look at the resume, surrounding hitters, ballpark and divisional pitching (Phillies and Braves alone are enough). I sold high on Davis and bought low on Dunn, and I’m thrilled.

  1. Yeah, that is a no brainer. Davis’ year has been a minor fluke, and I doubt Dunn can continue to struggle this mightily.

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