Snakes and Ladders

Posted: June 2, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

With the holiday on Monday, everything has been pushed back a day, but Q&A will still be up this afternoon.

LADDER- Brian Matusz made his first start and looked good in 5.2 innings and allowed one earned run. He has as much upside as any young starter this season, and we could still see him win 10-12 games with an ERA around 3.00.

SNAKE- Francisco Liriano and Wandy Rodriguez are on the DL with “soreness”. This could be a two week trip for each. But “soreness” so often can lead to other frightening terms like “possible ligament damage” and “will undergo season ending surgery”. Keep a careful eye on both.

LADDER- Adam Dunn…. ok so he isn’t crushing just yet, but it has to come at any moment, and when it does, we are going to see mammoth power numbers. He hit 28 home runs after June 1 last season.

SNAKE- Ike Davis was originally supposed to get off the DL as soon as he was eligible. Then it became “well thats a bit optimistic”, and now we hear “it might be 3-4 more weeks.”

LADDER- Aaron Crow has been promoted to the closer role. So much for all of you who spent $20 on Joakim Soria in your auctions. Who would have the believed the guy many had as their top overall reliever preseason would be out of a job on June 1?

SNAKE- Soria, J

LADDER- Legitimate aces- Adam Wainwright, Mat Latos. Ubaldo Jimenez, Josh Johnson, Liriano, Chris Carpenter…. there were supposed to be so many ace-level starters that they became cheaper. “I’ll just wait until the 9th round to draft a pitcher” was a common strategy. But that hasn’t so much proven to be the case. The best are the best by a long shot. Why is this under “ladder?” Because it has exponentially increased the value of the legitimate aces. I own Roy Halladay and Tim Lincecum in my 18-team keeper, and neither is likely to be dealt for less than 120 cents on the dollar. And its a steep dollar as is.

SNAKE- Andrew McCutchen… will be fine. He’s on my list of guys that will be fine, along with Hanley Ramirez, Albert Pujols, Adam Dunn, Dan Uggla…… but its still killer to own him right now.

LADDER- Chris Sale is quietly putting things together. The most interesting was to see him go three innings last week, and pitch very well. Don’t be shocked to see Sale in the starting rotation by the end of the summer.

That’s all for now. Keep the questions coming, and you might see yours online this afternoon.


  1. I’m starting to think Dunn has lost it at age 31. I took your advice a few weeks ago, he went 0-10 or so with around 5 strikeouts, and I quickly dumped him. McCutchen had a good game yesterday, and I’m hoping Uggla, who’s on my team, turns it around soon.

  2. ladders says:

    Sorry for being stupid but why do you call them snakes and ladders.

  3. Did you ever play the board game “Snakes and Ladders”? If you landed on a snake, you had to slide back down and if you landed on a ladder, you could climb up. I use it simply as an analogy of player values changing for better or worse. Snakebitten players have seen their value drop somewhat significantly in the past week.

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