Posted: June 16, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

We’re back on our regular schedule, which means its Thursday and its time for some Q&A.

Fantasy X-Man,

Is this the beginning of collapse for Justin Masterson, or just a slump? -Lisa, Utah


This is a regression to the mean. It had to be expected. I still expect him to have his best year, but it won’t be 18 wins and a 3.00 ERA. It might be closer to 13 wins and 3.40 ERA. Those are still great numbers to get from an undrafted player.

Fantasy X-Man,

Can Adam Lind keep this up? -Ray, Arizona


Yes, ish. I think he will be hard pressed to replicate his 2009 season, but he will be a lot closer to that than 2010. I could see him hitting over .300 and pushing for close to 30 homers.

Fantasy X-Man,

I guess you were moving on Monday so I was curious what happened with your team last week? -Jennifer, Texas


Thanks for asking. I won. Beat up on the only winless team in our league. So I’m 5-5. But behind right now. I could use a big start from Lincecum tomorrow.

Fantasy X-Man,

You dont talk much about prospects on here, or ranking the new call ups. What do you think about the big names coming up? -Jason, Florida


I almost never own rookies. If you go back to football season, I said it repeatedly. They are so hyped that they become intensely overvalued. We have a guy in my 18-team keeper league who always rosters a couple of them early on, just to trade them for a king’s ransom when they get called up, and he always does. Its very frustrating.

Fantasy X-Man,

Will there be a football season? And if so, will you be writing about fantasy football? -Evan, Detroit


I will write about it as if there will be. And if there is, great. But I don’t think it will start on time.

Fantasy X-Man,

You were down on Michael Vick all of last season……. -Kevin, Philadelphia


And I will be down on him again this year. The athleticism is legitimate, but as we’ve seen, that’s not enough for longevity in the NFL.

Fantasy X-Man,

Michael Morse sell high or legitimate? -Mike, Hampton


Legitimately good player. But also a sell-high if you can get an established star in return. Target an underperforming one like Andrew McCutchen. I’d love that deal.

Fantasy X-Man,

When is Bryce Harper going to come up and when is he a star? -Andrew, Kansas City


June 2012 and IF he becomes a star, I’d expect to see him really hit his stride around the All Star Break of 2013. IF IF IF he becomes everything people expect, he’ll be a top-10 fantasy draft choice in 2014.

Fantasy X-Man,

Why so low on rookies? -Mitch, Chicago


I’ve never owned a rookie and had it be worth the price I paid to get him.

Thats all for now. Keep sending in your questions. Updated rankings coming around the All Star Break.




  1. I wrote on my fantasy sports blog to only pick up recent call-up Dustin Ackley as trade bait or a short term option at 2B if you have an injured player or are shopping for a middle infielder? Agree?
    My fantasy sports blog is freshfantasyhelp.wordpress.com

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