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Posted: June 20, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

Everyone has their personal preferences. Of course, when giving advice, those preferences sneak in, so I think its fair I lay them out for you, so you can consider them when reading my advice, and make educated decisions.

I hate rookies. They are overpriced and unpredictable. Thus, I will probably not own Bryce Harper in the next decade. He will be drafted wayyyy too early in 2012 drafts, and then will be kept in my keeper league, and again drafted too early in the future.

I play mostly points leagues. I am in a H2H cats and one roto league, but I essentially cant stand roto.

I like power/speed guys. I have a bad habit of overpaying for a guy like Andrew McCutchen.

I try to avoid injury prone players. Nelson Cruz is an example of a guy whose preseason numbers should be projected for 115-130 games instead of 162. And you likely wont be able to draft or trade for him at that valuation.

Because I play in mostly points leagues, I lean towards pitching over hitting.

I tend to trade quite a bit. This isn’t because I like moving players just for fun, but I’m just constantly looking for bargains. Ask the guys in my league, some of whom read this blog. I’m always kicking the tires. Even if I like my team, you never know who might be available and for a bargain. This is especially true in my 18-team keeper (see “Walking the Walk”). Everyone in the league has an MSN messenger account so its easy to ask guys “theoretically, is so-and-so available… what would you want back, in general” and countless deals have come from that.

I value safe, consistent players over streakers. As should you.

That’s a little about me and my tendencies. So apply that to my analysis and make educated decisions.

Also, I have a man crush on Jed Lowrie and I’ve decided Francisco Liriano is the bane of my existence. I love him, and hate owning him. It is what it is.



  1. I play in mostly H2H leagues as well, although I don’t mind roto or other formats. Wow. You won’t own Harper for the next DECADE? What if he gets really good and lives up to the hype? Now, I’m not convinced he will, but 10 years? That’s a bit of a bold statement there.

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