Add, drop, and my stance on Albert Pujols

Posted: June 21, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

I’ll start with the biggest free agent in sports history (argue for LeBron all you want, with the lack of a salary cap, Pujols’ free agency will be more fun). My position has been the same all season as it was at the beginning. I think the logical contract is 7 years, $200 million. That’s just under the $30 mil he was expected to ask for, but he’s not (or shouldn’t) get the 10 years. I think the Cardinals are still the favorite, with the Cubs second. I can’t bring myself to eliminate New York and Boston, if only because they are the two clubs with enough money to pay two elite first basemen, with one moving either to third or the outfield (I think Pujols or Tex would play third in New York with ARod as the DH, and Pujols or Adrian would play the outfield in Boston). The last dark horse for me is the Angels.

In recap, I’d give him 7 years for $200 million. And I think it will be 1. St. Louis, 2. Chicago 3. NY/BOS, 4. Los Angeles of Anaheim.

Moving on to add/drops for this week.

ADD- Travis Hafner almost across the board. He’s back healthy and has four RBI in three games back from the DL.

DROP- Carlos Pena in shallow leagues. There is too much first base out there in 10-team leagues to suffer his abysmal average and strikeouts. If your league doesn’t count walks, then he’s going to give you more headaches than favors.

ADD- Seth Smith is batting over .300 in regular at bats for a team with enough offense to provide runs scored and RBI.

DROP- Anthony Rizzo in seasonal leagues. I said before he was called up he looked more like 2010 Justin Smoak than Ike Davis.

ADD- Jemile Weeks if you need middle infield help.

DROP- Gordon Beckham. How long is long enough to wait on a breakout?

ADD- Ty Wigginton in deeper leagues. There is always use for a flexible infielder who can hit and is in a loaded lineup.

DROP- Sean Rodriguez… He’s owned in 30% of leagues and that’s still too many.

ADD- Roger Bernadina… very quietly having an impressive season.

DROP- Brandon Morrow in 10-team leagues. There’s too many good arms out there to suffer the ERA and WHIP. He could be a streamer spot start.

ADD- Brandon Beachy who is coming off the DL and back into the Braves’ rotation.

DROP- Brett Anderson in shallow leagues, if you dont have a DL spot. He likely won’t be back until at least early August. Emphasis on AT LEAST!

ADD- Phil Hughes if you’re a bit behind and looking for a major upside play.

DROP- Brian Fuentes. Why is he owned in almost 40% of leagues?

ADD- Brian Matusz… talent will show itself sooner than later.

Thats all for now. Keep sending in your questions.


  1. About to pick up Travis Hafner. I’m going to pick up Phil Hughes as well. He seems poised to have a strong second half.

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