Walking the Walk- Back to .500

Posted: June 27, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

First some irony. After 12 weeks, in an 18-team league, I’m 6-6 and have scored the fourth most points of any team on the season.

I won very convincingly this week. In fact, I scored the most points of anyone in the league. That being said, the LM is taking too long to consider the trade I made, so I might still need offensive help down the road if it is criminally overturned. No way any trade discussion should go on this long. But good keeper leagues are hard to find, and this 18-team league has generally been well-run so I’m enduring this injustice. And the LM may yet come to his senses and let us move on with the trade remaining.

As it stands, I’m 6-6. Now, I was 6-6 last season and ended up making the playoffs at 13-9. The trade deadline is coming up at the end of July, so the next 2-3 weeks will clarify if I’ll be buying or selling at the deadline. There is a major trade frenzy in the league the last two weeks of July because we do use draft pick trading, along with keepers changing hands. Right now, my only definite keepers are Tim Lincecum and Roy Halladay. Lincecum is the only guy I don’t see myself moving. If I can get two keepers for Halladay (perhaps one hitter and one pitcher), I might do it. But if I’m a seller at the deadline, then I think I can land one keeper-level hitter with a combination of other players I have. I made the mistake of trading my first and second round picks last year in an all-out push for the championship and it crippled my offense this season, along with the loss of Adam Wainwright before the year started. Also, if you only keep three instead of the allowed four, you get a zero-round pick before the first round of next year’s draft. That might be enticing.

I don’t intend to trade top round picks this year. And I’m thrilled to have added an extra third round pick in the Wainwright deal, as long as it sticks.

My current roster

C- Wilson Ramos
1B- Aubrey Huff (LF/RF)
2B- Chris Getz
3B- Michael Young (1B/2B)
SS- JJ Hardy
LF- Andres Torres (RF/CF)
CF- Alex Rios
RF- Carlos Quentin
OF- Ichiro Suzuki (RF)
UTIL- Travis Hafner
UTIL- Michael Brantley (LF/CF)
Bench- Omar Infante (2B/3B/LF)
Bench- Adam Dunn (1B)

DL- Jed Lowrie (2B/SS/3B
DL- Martin Prado (2B/3B/LF)

SP (4 active at a time)- Tim Lincecum, Roy Halladay, Matt Cain, Justin Masterson, Jordan Zimmerman, Brian Matusz, Doug Fister
RP (4 active at a time)- Joel Hanrahan, Ryan Madsen, Jordan Walden, Chris Sale


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