2011 Preseason TE Rankings

Posted: July 11, 2011 in Fantasy Football

The time has finally come, my friends, to draft a tight end early. In a 12-team league, I’m taking Antonio Gates in the fourth round because he is capable of scoring more points than the wide receivers available at that point. This strategy is still not a popular tactic, but I traded for Gates last year, and getting 15 points from a position when the other guy is lucky to get half that… it’s a legitimate advantage. In mocks so far, and in most standard points leagues, my first six rounds are two WR, two RB, my RB/WR flex (usually a WR) and a tight end.

1. Antonio Gates- He scores more than many wide receivers.
2. Dallas Clark- As long as he stays healthy, Clark is one of the more targeted players in the game.
3. Jason Witten- Witten had fallen in the rankings for a couple seasons before a resurgence last year. He’s one of few big-play threats at the position, and Romo’s most trustworthy target.
4. Jermichael Finley- Finley was tragically lost for the season in 2010, but all signs point to a return to the upper echelon of tight ends. Think of Aaron Rodgers last year, now add an elite tight end. Scary combination if you ask me.
5. Vernon Davis- Some room for breakout or bust seasons here depending on the play from the guy/s under center.
6. Kellen Winslow- I certainly don’t trust him yet. That last cliff was the end of the guys I’d take early. But really, if I can’t get Gates or Clark in the fourth or fifth round, then I will probably take a TE very late in the draft and be satisfied with that.
7. Zach Miller (OAK)
8. Chris Cooley
Visanthe Shiancoe
9. Owen Daniels
10. Mercedes Lewis
11. Tony Gonzales
12. Rob Gronkowski
13. Tony Moeaki
14. Brent Celek
15. Jimmy Graham
16. Kevin Boss
17. Brandon Pettigrew
18. Greg Olsen
19. Dustin Keller
20. Heath miller
21. Jared Cook
22. Ben Watson
23. Aaron Hernandez
24. Todd Heap
25. Jermaine Gresham
26. John Carlson
27. Fred Davis
28. Anthony Fasano
29. Jeremy Shockey
30. Tony Scheffler

  1. I’d flip-flop Witten for Finley, but besides that, nice rankings.

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