Walking the Walk- 8-6 and moving up…

Posted: July 11, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

After Jordan Zimmerman scored me 29.5 points yesterday to complete my victory, I traded him for Michael Morse. Zimmerman will be great for the next month, but now that it looks like I will make the playoffs, I wanted someone who would be useful then. I’m currently 8-6 and my next three opponents are 4-10 or worse.

On the down side, with Brian Matusz in the minors, I will have to stream one or two starters per week, a process saved by having seven pitchers. But that’s a worthwhile trade off for a possible .300/30 guy who will still be hitting come playoff time. I’m currently the eight seed, if the playoffs started today. Eight teams out of 18 make playoffs. Last year, the eighth seed was 13-9, so that’s what I expect it to take.

  1. Fantastic trade. I’m trying to trade Zimmermann myself, he’s doing great right now but the Nats are going to keep him on a strict innings limit soon, so he’s almost there. I’m 9-5 after a win this week, and unfortunately am still 5th in a 10-team league. Although with a win and a few losses for other teams this week, I can move to #3.

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