Posted: July 15, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Football

I know, I know, its a day late. But we had a major storm and my internet was down.

Fantasy X-Man,

Can you point out a few guys completely off radars who could come up big in the second half? -Josh, Minnsota


Chris Sale is a guy I think will have a more important role, either closing or starting, at some point this year. Brian Matusz is in the minors right now, but he had an excellent second half last year, so don’t forget about him.

Fantasy X-Man,

Are you Dunn with Dunn? -Evan, Utah


I desperately want to be, but I just can’t bring myself to drop him. Now, its an 18-team league, so it takes quite a bit less to be “ownable” and I dont have him in any smaller leagues, but I just can’t imagine he doesn’t erupt at some point. The Ks will be there, but I think the homers will be too.

Fantasy X-Man,

You just make up the questions don’t you? I saw once on Q&A you claimed to get a question from London! At least know one guy isn’t buying it. You’re a fake. -Exposer, (given location censored)

Dearest Exposer

Every question is as real as yours. The only thing I do at times is correct grammar so people can understand it.

Fantasy X-Man,

Who is the shocking player that will be useful in fantasy football this year? -Angela, Germany


Greetings to you, and to as many international readers as there are out there. Jimmy Clausen. I know, Cam Newton is “the guy” in Carolina. But Clausen was being recruited from the age of 12. He played in a pro style offense in college, and was unfortunately drafted by a team with no weapons and little ability to protect him. Now, the team hasn’t changed, but he is still talented, and I think he will legitimately battle for the starting job. And if Carolina goes with Newton, they’re letting the fans make the call, and that rarely ends well.

Fantasy X-Man,

Can you elaborate more on why you would take an elite tight end early? -Ray, Kansas


If there was a catcher in baseball who hit .300 with 30 homers every year, he would be a top fantasy commodity because getting that production from a usual no-man’s land gives a distinct advantage. In my keeper league scoring last season, seven tight ends scored between 10.1 and 10.7 points per game average. Three (Jason Witten, Vernon Davis, Antonio Gates) scored 13.4 or more. Now that may not seem like a lot, but that would have put those three in the top 23 among wide receivers. Meanwhile, 40 wideouts scored more than 10.7 per game. Every league’s scoring is different, but in the fourth round, the top tight ends will probably score more than any of the receivers available.

Fantasy X-Man,

Where do you think Strasburg and Wainwright will be in your preseason 2012 rankings? It sounds like both are progressing very well. Chimp, Zoo


I suspect both will be between 20th and 30th among SP. If there are no setbacks, Wainwright could jump into the top 15, but Strasburg, I expect, will have a strict innings limit, so I’d say 25-30 is the very highest I could see. I’ll tell you what, the Nationals of 2013 could have a scary rotation with Strasburg and Zimmerman both off the leash.

Fantasy X-Man,

You traded for Morse. You buying him maintaining these numbers? -Carl, California


Keep in mind, I traded a guy with maybe eight starts left to his season. Even if Morse regresses a little, it was still worthwhile. Do I see him hitting .300 and 30 homers? No, I don’t. Hitting .285 and 25? Sure, why not.

Fantasy X-Man,

When choosing keepers, do you go for positional scarcity or purely the best players? -James, Texas


Yes. haha I know that doesn’t help, but it all depends on your league and its scoring, and keeper settings. In my 18-team keeper, we keep four per team, or we can keep three and get a zero-round compensation pick. Its a smart league, so most years, no team has more than four elite players. In a points league, I’d want to keep at least one elite starting pitcher, and I’d go with positional scarcity after that. In a category league, I try to keep guys that help me in the most categories (i.e. I’ll take McCutchen’s AVG, R, HR, RBI, SB over Mike Stanton’s HR and RBI)

That’s it for now folks. Keep the questions coming. I’m working on some more football stuff as the season approaches. There could be an exciting free agent and trading period after the new CBA is done. That could seriously affect rankings. Keep an eye out.



im giving up a second round pick, which is one of the last “safe” rounds. I cant imagine dropping another almost 40 spots in the draft later on. Ev

  1. Interesting trade you made. I like it though. Zimmermann is going to be on an innings limit. Chris Sale is going to be a good player to pick up in the second half.

  2. Fantasy XYZ-Man says:

    That is hilarious. You rejected my earlier comment because you know it’s true.

    • I dont reject any comments unless they are spam. And I assure you I have a life. I simply enjoy sports and my job leaves me enough time to gather stats and information, so that people who want educated advice dont gave to go digging through stat sheets themselves.

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