Fantasy Football Mock Draft

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Fantasy Football

12-team, standard mock draft…

First of all, isnt it a wonderful time of year with all the action of the baseball deadline, along with football season now looking like a certainty? Love it!

#7 first round pick and I take Aaron Rodgers. This year, having an elite QB and TE might just make the difference. On the wrap around #18, I take his top target, Greg Jennings. I rode that duo last year and they’re both as safe as anyone at their positions.

#31 I take my first runner, and a guy I think is a steal that late, Ahmad Bradshaw. Like him to be around the top-10 of RB and a workhorse. Then I get my tight end in the fourth round at #42 Dallas Clark. Antonio Gates went in the third.

At #55 I’m shocked to see Marques Colston still on the board. Four out of his five years he has had over 1000 yards and seven scores. Steal right there! And I take perennially underrated Fred Jackson at #66.

I fill my RB/WR flex with Michael Crabtree at #79. If the Qb play there is even half-decent, I think he has a big year. And at #90, my first bench slot is filled with Malcom Floyd. I just love the athleticism. If he’s in San Diego, WHEN Vincent Jackson gets hurt, he is the top guy of one of the best deep-ball passing games in football.

Tim Tebow at #103, thank you very much. A little stumped at #114 with the running backs going quickly, I needed a good backup, and I grabbed Mike Goodsen. I dont expect Deangelo Williams to stay in Carolina as a free agent, so the running duties fall to Jonathan Stewart and Goodsen.

#127 I get a running back I really like a lot in Tashard Choice. He is one of my bigger targets in drafts this year. At #138 I take my third QB, who would probably end up as trade bait if this was a real draft, but I took Kevin Kolb. I dont think he will be in Philly.

#151 I took my defense. It was between the Eagles and Patriots, and I took New England. There just always seems to be a quality squad there, and with the lockout, New England is one organization I expect to keep their stuff together. Love getting Danny Woodhead at #162. Anyone Tom Brady likes usually does well. Tight end Tony Moeaki and kicker Lawrence Tynes fill out my roster, which ends up looking like this.

QB- Aaron Rodgers
RB- Ahmad Bradshaw
RB- Fred Jackson
RB/WR- Michael Crabtree
WR- Greg Jennings
WR- Michael Crabtree
TE- Dallas Clark
DST- Patriots
K- Lawrence Tynes

B- Tim Tebow, Kevin Kolb, Malcom Floyd, Mike Goodsen, Danny Woodhead, Tashard Choice, Tony Moaeki

  1. Goodsen is pretty much a non-factor this season now that Williams is back.

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