Walking the Walk- Onwards and Upwards

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

It was an extended week from the All Star Break, and I was playing a team that had already sold some players off for draft picks, so the win wasn’t surprising, but I improved to 9-6 and moved up into the seventh seed, if the season ended yesterday. The highlight of the matchup was adding Craig Kimbrel and Chris Carpenter.

At the All Star Break, I could have been a buyer or a seller depending on the deal that came along, but adding an elite closer and a starter who can be one of the best in the game when he’s on, it made me a buyer. I like my team right now, and if Adam Dunn wakes up at some point, I could go all the way. I’m likely not going to get enough back to trade him, but I still think he’s too good to drop in a league this deep, so I’ll keep him on my bench until he shows signs of waking.

Meanwhile, in an 18-team league with scoring slanted towards pitching, I easily have the best staff in the league with Roy Halladay (2.55 ERA), Tim Lincecum (2.90 ERA, 146 K), Matt Cain (3.06 ERA), Carpenter (5-0 in his last six starts, four of which went 8+ innings), Justin Masterson (2.57 ERA), Doug Fister (3.30 ERA, 1.17 WHIP), and Carlos Zambrano (useful spot starter). And I probably have the best bullpen too with Jordan Walden, Ryan Madson, Craig Kimbrel and Joel Hanrahan.

  1. That’s quite a rotation you’ve got. I’m 10-5 and sitting in 4th in a 10-team league.

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