Don’t Count ANYTHING Out…

Posted: July 26, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

Felix Hernandez can’t be dealt… can he? I’d put the odds at less than 5%, but that’s a lot bigger than zero. It always seems the discussions hover around the Bronx when it comes to Felix being moved. If anyone did it, it seems it would be the Yankees. Now, the Yankees are on the list of teams he can block a trade to, but why? Many agents put big-market teams on those block lists, not because the players want to avoid them, but those teams can offer financial incentive to waive those clauses. In other words, they put teams on that list that can afford to bribe the player to waive that clause. Every million counts. So don’t take the Yankees presence on that list as a no-go. If the Mariners make him available, the Yankees would have to make a play.

Some more realistic predictions… BJ Upton to the Braves, Hiroki Kuroda (also watch Carlos Pena) to the Yankees, Heath Bell to Rangers, Leo Nunez to the Diamondbacks, Colby Rasmus to the White Sox, Jamey Carroll to the Brewers, Carlos Beltran to the Giants, and if Ubaldo Jimenez goes, it would likely be to Cincinnati.

Obviously, there’s a lot of unknowns, but those would be my picks now, with the Phillies and Red Sox notably left out of the major dealing. But if Rasmus goes to Chicago, either Alex Rios or Carlos Quentin could become available at the 11th hour, and one of the contenders looking for a bat could snatch them up. Michael Cuddyer is another useful bat that could be put on the table before the deadline.

  1. Jack Zduriencik said they’re not trading King Felix, and with good reason. I’m going to say BJ Upton to the Braves, Kuroda to the Yanks, Heath Bell to the Rangers, Leo Nunez staying put, and Jimenez staying in Colorado. I pretty much agree with you about everything except Nunez and Jimenez.

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