2011 NFL Season Predictions

Posted: August 12, 2011 in Fantasy Football

Obviously, this is a shot in the dark. There are so many unknowns that it is impossible to accurately predict a season. But this is the kind of stuff you guys love the read, so here goes.

AFC East-

Patriots-           13-3
Jets-                  10-6
Dolphins-         6-10
Bills-                 4-12

AFC North-

Steelers-          11-5
Ravens-           11-5
Browns-          5-11
Bengals-         3-13

AFC South-

Colts-           12-4
Texans-       9-7
Jaguars-      6-10
Titans-        5-11

AFC West-

Chargers-       12-4
Chiefs-            8-8
Broncos-        6-10
Raiders-        5-11

NFC East-

Eagles-         12-4
Giants-         9-7
Cowboys-    9-7
Redskins-   4-12

NFC North-

Packers-     14-2
Bears-        8-8
Lions-        8-8
Vikings-    5-11

NFC South-

Saints-                 13-3
Falcons-              11-5
Buccaneers-       9-7
Panthers-           2-14

NFC West-

Rams-          9-7
Cardinals-   8-8
49ers-         4-12
Seahawks- 5-11

First Round of Playoffs

(3) Steelers def. (6) Jets
(5) Ravens def. (4) Chargers

(3) Eagles def. (6) Giants
(5) Falcons def. (4) Rams

Second Round of Playoffs

(3) Steelers def. (2) Colts
(1) Patriots def. (5) Ravens

(2) Saints def. (3) Eagles
(1) Packers def. (5) Falcons

Conference Championships

(1) Packers def. (2) Saints

(1) Patriots def. (3) Steelers

Super Bowl

Packers def. Patriots

At the end of the day, I have Green Bay repeating. Both of those championship matchups are close to toss ups. I took the better quarterback in each. But look at the eight teams in the second round there. I would be shocked if anyone else was a legitimate contender.



  1. I’m a little surprised you have McNabb and the Vikings finishing last, but Patriots-Packers in the Super Bowl sounds accurate.

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