Walking the Walk… and other notes for the past week…

Posted: August 12, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Football

Apologies for my absence. I was out of town. I won last week, riding pitching as usual. That took me to 10-7, still borderline playoff team. And I’m locked in a close battle this week.

Obviously, much of last week’s sports attention was focused on the NFL, where some players changed teams and added or lost value. Steve Smith, formerly of the Giants, lost a ton of value going to the Eagles, where he will be the #3 option (if not #4 depending on their usage of Brent Celek). Meanwile, Mario Manningham is a guy that I liked before the move and LOVE now. I think Ahmad Bradshaw gets a small boost as well.

Chad Ochocinco to the Patriots works for me. He goes to a better system, with a better coach and a better quarterback, and he could be the #1 guy in New England. If nothing else, he’s one of the cheapest WR2 out there with potential to be a WR1. This might be a complete gut call, but I think Jimmy Clausen will be relevant this season. I don’t see any rookie, including Cam Newton being a viable starting quarterback without an offseason.

I really think we are going to see more separation between the top teams and the pack this year. Teams like the Packers, Steelers, Colts and Patriots didn’t change too much. They don’t have many young starters and they have very stable locker rooms. I don’t see an underdog like Seattle with Tavaris Jackson winning this season. The Bills are going to be terrible again, but don’t overlook Fred Jackson and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Jackson seems to be the forgotten back in fantasy every year, but he’s a starter, and I have my doubts if CJ Spiller will be anything more than a Reggie Bush-type back, unable to handle a heavier workload.

I will have the new Q&A up in the next day or so. Possibly tonight.

We could legitimately see several 13-win teams and a gaggle of 8-8 or 7-9 types. I just don’t see a team with young players in key roles winning without the offseason workouts. And I love the Falcons offense this year. Slightly down on Michael Turner because they traded a lot of picks to improve the passing game, but absolutely on board with Matt Ryan and Roddy White and IF IF IF there was a rookie to draft at receiver, it would be Julio Jones, not AJ Green.



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