Walking the Walk- Deadline MADNESS!

Posted: August 12, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball

You might remember three weeks back I was considering being a buyer or seller. I was in the playoff race but just barely. Then the deal came along to trade for  Chris Carpenter and Craig Kimbrel. At that point, I became an official buyer.

Well today was the deadline, and everyone was online talking. I wasn’t sure if I would deal, but what started it was the chance to get Hiroki Kuroda for a 5th round pick. That was easy. There was no question about it. At the same time, getting Kuroda allowed me to accept an offer getting Justin Verlander and Eric Hosmer for Roy Halladay and Justin Masterson. I really didn’t like trading Masterson! But I think Verlander is an upgrade to Halladay, and certainly as a keeper, and Kuroda seamlessly replaces Masterson. The addition of Hosmer was the final straw for Adam Dunn. I waved good bye and dropped him, but be sure I will be targeting him when he plummets in drafts next year.

Finally, minutes before the deadline, I was able to talk an owner down from a 4th round pick all the way to getting Ben Zobrist for a 7th round pick. Ultimately, picks aren’t as valuable as players. I have a chance to win this year, and I’m taking it.

So overall, I get Kuroda, Zobrist, Verlander and Hosmer for Halladay, Masterson and my 5th and 7th round picks. I’m satisfied.

  1. Pretty good deals. I find that Halladay is way overrated sometimes and Verlander has been better this year and will be better next year. Kuroda’s underrated of course, and Masterson is good but doesn’t pitch well sometimes.

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