Walking the Walk- DRAFT DAY!

Posted: August 14, 2011 in Fantasy Football

The league I write about in baseball also runs a 14-team football league that I write about during football season. Today is our. draft, and I will be blogging as it happens. Over the past couple weeks of mocks, I’ve noticed some interesting trends.

Michael Vick is a first round pick. Let someone else do that. I seem to end up with Malcom Floyd in a lot of drafts. He has an excellent QB, and the supposed top target in San Diego, Vincent Jackson can’t stay healthy. I also seem to end up with Marques Colston a lot. 1000 yards and 8 scores in the bank.

For anyone wondering, the football league has a roster of 16 plus two IR spots. We start one QB, two RB, one RB/WR, three WR, one TE, DST and K. There are six bench spots. We keep two per team. My keepers are Aaron Rodgers and Adrian Peterson… I know right? With so many receiver spots, I’ll probably be targeting two good ones early on. I also want to grab an elite TE.

Couple guys I’m taking late as fliers in recent mocks are Jacoby Jones, Ben Tate, Montario Hardesty… I really like James Jones in Green Bay, and see some upside for Reggie Bush. With my starting QB in place, I’ll probably wait until the later-mid rounds and grab a guy like with immense upside, but low value (*cough* Tebow *cough*). I also do like Kevin Kolb this year, but passers are overvalued in this league, so he will probably go too early.

The draft is at 5:15 EST.


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