Walking the Walk- Draft Results

Posted: August 14, 2011 in Fantasy Football

And just like that, the teams are set. Of course, I had Adrian Peterson and Aaron Rodgers as keepers.

Coming up on my first pick (#37) I wanted to take a receiver. I narrowed the list to Deshean Jackson, Dez Bryant, Reggie Wayne and Marques Colston. Wayne went before my turn. I took the clock all the way down, considering the options, before finally selecting Bryant. I don’t love it, or even necessarily like it, but Jackson is a big play, hit or miss kind of guy, and I’m low on his QB. Colston is coming off surgery, and is still in a crowded receiving corps. I don’t like Bryant because Miles Austin is still the top receiver in Dallas, in my opinion, but Bryant certainly has a massive ceiling.

As planned, at #48 I grabbed Dallas Clark. I knew I wanted one of the top two tight ends, and Gates went in the third round (first after keepers).

With three WR spots, I needed to take another one with my next pick at #55. There were several good choices, but I am a big Mario Manningham believer, with Steve Smith elsewhere. So I took him. I wanted Shonn Greene at #65 but he went #62 to another team, so I had to settle for Fred Jackson. Now, I like Jackson, think he’s underrated, but I covered myself later on that pick.

I took Pierre Garcon #76 for my third WR. Sidney Rice and Austin Collie were options, but with concerns about Reggie Wayne, I went with the upside that Garcon brings in a Peyton Manning offense. I filled my RB/WR slot with Malcom Floyd, a guy I’ve been taking in most mock drafts, at #82.

At #93….. I don’t like this pick at all, but it was necessary. I picked CJ Spiller. There was simply the threat of Spiller taking over Jackson’s spot, and with the league using a FAAB to auction off free agents, I wanted to cover myself. I’m not proud of it, but such is life.

#104 was a perfect fit for my team. I took Matthew Stafford as my backup QB. Why? He plays Denver, one of the worst defenses in football, when Rodgers has his bye week. The other side is, if Stafford could stay healthy, he would be a borderline top-10 QB, and this league overvalues QBs.

At #115 I was surprised to see Brandon Jacobs on the board and snatched him up. Yes, he’s the backup in New York, but Ahmad Bradshaw has had fumbling and health issues, and Jacobs figures to see a lot of goal line work if nothing else.

With the #121 pick, I took James Jones. I think he holds onto the #2 spot in Green Bay’s passing game, and if other teams focus on stopping Greg Jennings, Jones can burn them. He won’t start for me, but there’s potential. As planned, I got my defense, the Eagles DST at #132.

Now I was stuck with a problem. Jackson (my RB2), Spiller and Jacobs all had the same bye week. I will probably look to trade for a RB with a different one, but for the time, I had to cover myself. I drafted Ben Tate, who would have gotten a legitimate role in the offense last year but he got hurt before it started. If Arian Foster falters or is hurt, Tate could breakout. He should get decent carries regardless, to keep Foster fresh. He is expendable though, and I’d rather add a better RB with a different bye.

Next to last round, Adam Vinatieri, my kicker. And at #177, my last pick of the draft, Mr. Tim Tebow. Maybe a homer pick, or maybe the Broncos start out 2-6 and they figure why not give him a shot with nothing to lose.

I don’t love my team, but it could have been worse. I’m concerned that all my WR and my flex guy are all the second options on their teams. But they are all passing teams. Also, not a lot of flash here, but I have a lot of guys with serious upside, so maybe one or two break out. We will see.

So that’s the draft. And my starting lineup as it stands…

QB- Aaron Rodgers
RB- Adrian Peterson
RB- Fred Jackson
RB/WR- Malcom Floyd
WR- Dez Bryant
WR- Mario Manningham
WR- Pierre Garcon
TE- Dallas Clark
DST- Eagles
K- Adam Vinatieri
Bench… Cj Spiller, Matthew Stafford, Brandon Jacobs, James Jones, Ben Tate, Tim Tebow


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