Trust Your Draft

Posted: August 18, 2011 in Fantasy Football

In the league that I told you guys about last week, everyone has an MSN messenger account, so there is constant trade talk online, and I was wavering a bit on my “no trade” stance because I was starting to second guess my own evaluations of people, based on statistics. But then I woke up and thought to myself, “I know I did all the research before the draft. I had my rankings and my hunches and I drafted accordingly. And there is nothing we know now that we didn’t know last week.”

It comes down to the inevitable second guessing of ourselves. Every time you break up with someone, there is the moment of “maybe I can’t do better” before you remember all the crap you were dumping them for. In this case, after the draft, you will look at your roster and say “what was I thinking taking him, or him” but you have to trust your draft. I’m a big proponent of low-risk in fantasy baseball, but things change so much more each season in football that I tend to draft a lot more for upside than safety.

My backup QB Matthew Stafford has the upside of Matt Schaub if he plays 16 games. I own Fred Jackson, who is very safe and very consistent, albeit somewhat unexciting. But if he should get hurt, or fall off, I also own CJ Spiller who has about as much ball-in-hand talent as Jamaal Charles. I have Brandon Jacobs who could score 10+ touchdowns, and rack up considerable yards, especially if Ahmad Bradshaw fumbles as much as he did last year.

Look at your team and remember why you picked them. If you haven’t drafted yet, make sure you do your research and know your stuff heading in, so that when the second guessing starts, you can be confident that you made educated selections.

  1. Good advice. I’ve almost fallen into that trap as well. I saved myself a few times from that.Very good for owners to know that.

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