Call Me Crazy… Bold Predictions for NFL 2011

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Fantasy Football

Most of these will not come true. But even if they don’t it tells you something about these players and what I think. Don’t email me saying “you said so-and-so would get 100 receptions and he only got 94.” If there’s a 100-reception prediction in this article, its for someone who isn’t expected to get half of that. So if he gets 94, he was still superb value as a draft pick.

I’m scanning my rankings and mock draft results, so the names may come in no particular order.

1. Tim Tebow starts at least 10 games and is responsible for 25 touchdowns rushing and passing combined. No sense wasting time, you know I’m on board.

2. Tashard Choice leads the Cowboys with 1,100 rushing yards.

3. Matthew Stafford stays healthy, throws for 4,000 yards and 30 TDs. Detroit wins seven games.

4. Brandon Jacobs, Mike Tolbert, Montario Hardesty, Willis McGehee each get 10+ touchdowns.

5. Michael Vick throws more interceptions than touchdowns and finishes outside the top 15 QB.

6. No rookie QB is in the top 20 and no rookie WR or RB are in the top 30 at their positions.

7. Jimmy Clausen starts more than Cam Newton and wins more games, two to one.

8. The Bengals outlast the Bills, Panthers, 49ers, Raiders and Seahawks to earn the #1 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. They draft Andrew Luck.

9. The entire NFC East is devoid of a top-15 running back in fantasy at the end of the season.

10. Matt Ryan throws for 4,000 yards and 33 TDs. Michael Turner fails to reach 1,000 yards or 10 scores.

11. The NFC West champion is 7-9 and is deemed unworthy of playoffs by Roger Goodell.

12. Vince Young throws eight interceptions (and three helmets) in four starts for the Eagles.

13. Malcom Floyd tallies 1,000 yards, 10 touchdowns and establishes himself as the Chargers top wide receiver.

14. Pierre Garcon leads the Colts’ receivers with 1,200 receiving yards and nine touchdowns. 

15. Adam Dunn and Jay Cutler swap Chicago jobs for a week. Cutler strikes out four times, Dunn throw three interceptions, no one notices the switch.

16. Kevin Kolb throws for 4,000 yards, 35 touchdowns and 25 interceptions. Larry Fitzgerald leads everyone with 1,500 receiving yards and 18 touchdowns.

17. Cardinals have no defense or running game and fail to make the playoffs.

18. Joe Webb takes the Vikings starting quarterback job from Donovan McNabb after he throws three picks in the first half against the Packers week 7, and the Vikings fall to 2-5.

19. Webb throws for 14 touchdowns, eight interceptions and runs for five scores in the Vikings last nine games.

20. Jamaal Charles goes over 2,000 total yards, and Dwayne Bowe fails to reach 800 yards or 8 scores.

21. Anthony Dixon starts six games. Totals over 500 yards and seven scores in that time. Finishes with 800 yards and 10 touchdowns.

22. Jonathan Stewart rushes for 1,300 yards, with 11 touchdowns. 

23. Tim Hightower leads all Redskins’ backs with 550 rushing yards, also adds 200 receiving to lead all Redskins running backs in total yards in a maddening timeshare.

24. James Jones finishes with 800 yards and 6 TDs.

25. Ryan Grant notches 1,300 total yards and 11 touchdowns in his return from injury.

26. I will own Marshawn Lynch at some point this season. I don’t know why, but I always seem to like him just a little bit more than whoever owns him at the time.

27. Anthony Armstrong finishes with 900 yards and seven touchdowns in Washington, where Rex Grossman finishes in the top-20 of QB.

28. Dexter McCluster finishes with 650 yards from scrimmage and 5 touchdowns. He’s not “skilled” but he’s so darn fast.

29. Jacoby Ford tallies 900 yards and eight scores as the Raiders leading receiver.

30. Josh Freeman struggles to complete passes with Mike Williams mostly double-covered. Outside the top 15 QB.

31. Donald Driver, Hines Ward, Steve Smith (CAR)… Fantasy afterthoughts.

32. Emmanuel Sanders totals 750 yards and six touchdowns as the Steelers’ #2 target.

33. Brandon Lloyd is outside the top 20 WR in fantasy after finishing first in 2010.

34. Fred Jackson finishes with 1,200 yards from scrimmage but only five touchdowns.

35. Brandon Marshall scores 12 touchdowns, with 850 yards. Dolphins have a rookie starting running back and therefore no running game and finish 6-10.





  1. I don’t believe Tebow will play well this year, and I don’t agree with your Joe Webb prediction, but overall good job and all of those predictions sound reasonable.

  2. […] simply looks better than Dengelo Williams and the Panthers need to run to win games. I wrote in my preseason bold predictions that Stewart would get 1,300 yards and 11 touchdowns. Looks good if he is the full-time guy in […]

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