Posted: August 25, 2011 in Fantasy Football

Sorry I haven’t been around this week. Hectic week at work. But I decided to hit some Q&A because they’ve been pouring in with football drafts happening, and I’ll get to some more Snakes and Ladders in the next couple days.

Fantasy X-Man,

What do you think of Arizona plus Kolb, minus Williams? -James, AZ


I like Kolb and Larry Fitzgerald and I’m not committing to anything after that. There is room for Beanie Wells to be good, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Arizona produces one of our surprise backs that arise every year. There is also potential for another receiver to make himself a quality WR2 in standard leagues. Early Doucet is a guy to keep an eye on. And LaRod Stephens Howling could find a role in this offense, and he has skills to produce for deeper leagues.

Fantasy X-Man,

You have been touting Tebow but now there’s rumors of a trade or even getting cut. What now? -Tim, Utah


I’m convinced Tebow will be a winner. If Denver is going to waste the opportunity, then he will find a job somewhere. There are enough believers around the league that I don’t see the Broncos cutting him. They can get value back for him if they decide, um, Brady Quinn… is the future of the team. I haven’t dropped Tebow in my 14-team keeper league.

Fantasy X-Man,

Do you drop the Giants down in the DST rankings with all the injuries? -Ray, Miami


I hate predicting DST rankings because experts tend to be wrong, but how can you not? Who is playing corner right now? That team just looks like they could get torched deep on a regular basis. Another Giants note, while we are on them, every defensive injury adds a little value to the members of the Giants passing game in my opinion. If they are constantly stuck in shootouts, Eli, Nicks, Manningham could all have big years. Also, the more I read about the Giants, the more I think Brandon Jacobs is going to get a significant amount of carries and it will be a bit more of a platoon than people think.

Fantasy X-Man,

How do you do auctions? -Carrol, Jersey


Studs and scrubs. I try to get an elite player at each position, and then some cheap sleepers. This year I’m targeting Phillip Rivers in auctions because he’s going for just more than half the price of Rodgers or Brady and the stats could end up very comparable. I seem to be getting Larry Fitzgerald a lot because, of the top five or six receivers, he is a bit cheaper. I think if he did what he did with junk at QB, he could be the #1 receiver this year with Kolb. I budget for $1 on a kicker and $2 on defense (to make sure I get one I want).

That’s it for now. I’ll try to get to more later.


  1. Chris Ross says:

    Nice Q & A. This whole Tim Tebow saga has really made the preseason quite fascinating. Considering where Orton and Tebow were going into the preseason and where they are now it’s going to be interesting to see how this all plays out as the year(s) go along. Being outplayed by Orton, Quinn and possibly Weber doesn’t bode well for Tebow and all the scrutiny he faces but in the end he is going to have to deal with it because it is unavoidable for him. He’s a winner with great instincts but will that translate to the NFL game. A lot of people have varying opinions and I think I’m swaying towards the won’t category but really, who knows. Also, you think you could take a look at my blog cuz I’d love to hear what you have to say http://chrisross91.wordpress.com/2011/08/25/what-to-make-of-mr-tebow%E2%80%99s-wild-ride/

    • I dont think anyone in Denver wants to hand things over to Brady Quinn. The way I see it, Orton starts this year, they go about 6-10 (some young players maturing, and the team is healthy so not as horrendous as last year). Orton leaves and Tebow and Quinn battle next preseason for the actual job. And I see Tebow winning it. The other interesting option is something like Tebow’s 2006 when him and Chris Leak had a QB by committee thing going. That could be fun to watch with Quinn, like Leak, the more conventional pocket guy and Tebow the change of pace guy who can still throw.

  2. brief22 says:


    You have a great blog going here. I loved the Q&A format. I am putting you on the “Other Great Blogs” section of my blog, Sam’s Sports Brief. I would really appreciate it if you could check it out. sambrief.com

    Keep up the good work!


  3. I’m not believing in Tebow this season. The Broncos have made it clear and he’ll be the backup, if he gets beaten out by Brady Quinn that’s just sad.

    • He’ll be the backup, but they could easily lose four of their first five games (beating Cincy) and go into the bye 1-4. They could easily lose seven of the first ten. At 3-7, what’s your motivation to keep Orton in there? And Quinn is essentially the same thing as Orton, a traditional pocket passer, who is “ok” but not great or different. Why not give Tebow a shot to shake things up? Bring some energy into the offense? He COULD even start 3rd on the depth chart and I’d still think he ends up starting sometime this season.

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