Walking the Walk- Week 1

Posted: September 12, 2011 in Fantasy Football

Ben Tate and Matthew Stafford combined for 54 points on my bench, meanwhile my wide receivers were terrible and I lost a close matchup. Several things did me in. First of all, late in the Bengals game, Cedric Benson was killing the clock and broke a 39 yard touchdown for my opponent. That score alone made up for more than the margin of victory. Also, I started Malcom Floyd in my flex spot, expecting Tate and Derrick Ward to split carries in Houston. The difference between Floyd and Tate’s scoring also would have covered the margin of victory.

Stafford still didn’t outscore my starter, Aaron Rodgers, but seeing him play like he did makes me think some other team might pay me handsomely for him. I’m going to need receivers. Dez Bryant was good, but came out with an injury. Mario Manningham, and Pierre Garcon got targeted but the accuracy was inconsistent. Owning Garcon and Dallas Clark really didn’t help, and to add to the Indy failure, Adam Viniateri missed a short field goal to end up with -3. Added to all that, Adrian Peterson topped 100 yards but could not find the end zone, so he underperformed as well. AAAAAND my opponent had the Ravens defense and their mind-boggling SEVEN turnovers, totaling 28 points.

All that bad luck accounted for, there is a lot of promise in this team. Peterson, along with Fred Jackson looks like a good combination of running backs. Obviously Rodgers and Clark will be solid QB and TE producers (I’m confident any Indy QB will find Clark). The Eagles were superb, scoring 21 points as my DST.

I won’t be making any crazy deals anytime soon, but perhaps a smaller trade for a WR upgrade might be in order, if I find the right offer. Here’s to hoping Arian Foster stays out, so I can use Tate for week 2.

  1. Wow, tough break. I didn’t expect Stafford to break out in the first game.

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