Posted: September 15, 2011 in Fantasy Football

Hey everyone, first Q&A for football season. Might also snag a couple of these baseball playoff questions that came in yesterday.

Fantasy X-Man,

What are you doing with Ben Tate if Arian Foster can play this week? It seems he wouldnt be 100%, and with the other back gimpy on a bad ankle, you’d think Tate would still get some work. -Andrew, NY


This may change as the week progresses and we find out more about Foster, but right now I have Tate starting over Pierre Garcon in my flex spot of my 14 team league. I think the Texans will still be cautious with Foster. Even on 10 touches, Tate could grab 50 yards and a touchdown.

Fantasy X-Man,

Michael Vick looked pretty good last week. Care to take back your bashing? -Cody, Texas


No. He is athletic enough to be good when he’s in there. I don’t think he’ll play 16 games. I also think he will have some struggles against better defenses.

Fantasy X-Man,

I know how you feel about rookies, but would you add Newton in a deeper league if you had an easy drop? -Brandon, Chicago


If I didn’t have to start him, but could just own him on my bench, then sure. I wouldn’t give up FAAB money to get him, but as a free waiver add, why not? If you need someone to start, I bet I can find someone on your waiver wire I’d rather start (Ryan Fitzpatrick, Rex Grossman, Chad Henne)

Fantasy X-Man,

In the games that you watched, what jumped out at you? Any potentially undervalued players? -Jim, Kansas


Reggie Bush looked just as athletic as when I saw him at USC. That dive for the pylon was incredible. He might be a quality flex play this year. The Raiders seemed intent to get Jacoby Ford the ball. Now, he’s hurt at the moment, but that’s a guy who could get a lot of touches this year. One thing that jumped out at me was how bad the Colts offense was. I expected, even with Collins, to see them move the ball. The other thing that jumped out was the difference between the top five or six teams and everyone else. The Chiefs, Colts, Dolphins, Raiders, Broncos, Titans, Jaguars, Seahawks, some of whom won their games, were all hard to watch. Whereas the Ravens, Saints, Packers and Patriots look like pro teams in a league of colleges.

Fantasy X-Man,

Our league is doing FAAB for free agents for the first time. Do you use FAAB in your leagues and what’s your strategy? Some guys have already spent 20 or more of a $100 budget. -Cameron, Utah


I tend to save my budget as much as possible. At some point an injury will land someone in prime position and there will be an insane bidding war. I want to have the upper hand. I’d rather spend my budget on three or four $20+ guys who will have an impact, than get 15 cheap guys who will sit on my bench all year. I will spend $1 each for backup TE, DST, and K when my guys’ bye weeks come up, but that’s it. Save, save, save.

Fantasy X-Man,

Do you usually instigate trading? -Lisa, Texas


I almost always initiate conversations. I rarely send out the first offer, mainly because the concept of countering an offer has been lost. People decline without comment and nothing gets done. I usually email my ideas to the league member an see what he would want in return for a player I have interest in. 19 times out of 20, we cannot come to an agreement, but you’ll never know if you don’t ask. Early week two last year I asked about Roddy White and his owner had drafted Kevin Kolb as his starter. He coveted my backup, Chad Henne, so I ended up getting White and another player in a deal where I gave up Chad Henne and Justin Forsett.

Fantasy X-Man,

What do you know about IDP leagues? -Jessica, California


I know I did one for several years and hated it. I also know, in most formats, it’s about linebackers. There are a few defensive ends with value, but tackles are the most common scoring method for players, and linebackers tend to be the heavy tacklers. I know the elite tacklers can score as many points as a decent flex play on a good week, but DB and DL usually don’t score more than a mediocre tight end. The only IDP type league I am in this year is a league in which we draft a team’s unit for each level, so I own the Eagles defensive backs, Vikings special teams, the Giants defensive line and the Jets linebackers.

Fantasy X-Man,

My boyfriend has been depressed since his team lost on Sunday. What’s the point of fantasy sports if it upsets you? -Cynthia, Boston


The point is to have fun. I can’t speak for your man, but for me, even if I’m upset that I lost, in general the game is still fun. I’m intensely competitive at most everything I do, so losing bothers me, but I’m still having fun playing the game, especially with friends.

That’s all for now everyone, thanks for all the questions. Keep them coming.






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