Walking the Walk- Week 3

Posted: September 26, 2011 in Fantasy Football

I still have Dez Bryant to play tonight, but I’m ahead 121-109 and he has no more players to go, so I think its safe to report a win. I caught a break when Peyton Hillis was a late scratch for him, with no ready replacement. The matchup became my RB and flex against his WR.

To explain, my RB/FX of Adrian Peterson, Fred Jackson and Ben Tate combined for 77 points and my receivers (Malcom Floyd and Jacoby Jones) combined for five points, with Bryant going tonight. Meanwhile, his RB/FX of Hillis, BenJarvis Green-Ellis and Devon Bess combined for 12 points but his WR of Roddy White, Steve Johnson and Jordy Nelson scored 60.

A couple interesting notes on the matchup, Matthew Stafford scored more on my bench (38) than Aaron Rodgers (32) as my starter. And my opponent neglected to start a DST, leaving the spot open, and yet won the position because the Eagles DST allowed 29 points and finished with -3. Dallas Clark had another disappointing showing at TE, scoring two points, but he had Brent Celek score just one. My poor opponent, who saw his starter Matt Ryan, score 26 points, watched Joe Flacco on the bench score 46. He would be ahead right now, if Flacco had started, making tonight’s game meaningful.

At the end of the day, this matchup just emphasized what I’ve said before. Fantasy football, far more than baseball, is about the performance of your studs. Most weeks, the best players score the most points, so if my three or four best can beat your three or four best, I probably win. Tight ends, defenses and kickers are usually a wash. Look to stack your lineup with QB, RB, and WR. You can run with the 15th best TE and streaming defenses, but its hard to win on a weekly basis posting zeros at RB or WR. I’m 2-1 after three weeks.



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