Posted: September 30, 2011 in Fantasy Football

Another week has gone and another boatload of questions have been raised, so let’s dive right in.

Fantasy X-Man,

Chris Johnson… buy low, sell for whatever I can get, or bench? -Brian, Missouri


If you can get top-10 RB value, sell. If you can get him for less than top-15 or so RB value then buy. Otherwise, I would keep starting him. You picked him in the first round, so you dont want him on your bench when he explodes.

Fantasy X-Man,

Where would you rank guys like Cam Newton and Matthew Stafford among QBs rest of the season? -James, North Dakota


Stafford would be somewhere between five and eight. Newton probably between 13 and 15 off the top of my head. 

Fantasy X-Man,

What do you see Ben Tate’s value being now? What about Dexter McCluster? -Franklin, Oregon


I think Ben Tate will get around 40% of carries in Houston for the rest of the season. There’s legitimate flex play value, and if Foster has another setback with the hamstring, Tate goes back to being a top-15 back. McCluster…… I like him more than I think I should. He has big play, explosive ability, and he showed last week that he can run up the middle. I’m hesitant to go in on him because of Thomas Jones and because that offense as a whole is not good. But he is eligible at WR and RB which adds flexibility. Think 12-15 touches, 70-80 total yards every week and a touchdown in half to 2/3 of the games. 

Fantasy X-Man,

Who is the next unexpected breakout? -Tiffany, Pennsylvania


First of all, always nice to hear from ladies into fantasy sports. Second of all, there is no way to know. I talked preseason about Montario Hardesty, and we saw some of his skill on Sunday. I think there’s some DEEEEEEP league value in Curtis Painter as the Colts QB if he wins the job. And I’m still owning Tim Tebow in two leagues because I think he will be the starter before week 10. At some point, the Broncos have to know what they have so they know if they want to draft a QB next year or not. Orton and Quinn are both on the last year of contracts.

Fantasy X-Man,

Over/Under 1,200 yards and 12 TDs for Frank Gore and Rashard Mendenhall? -Cameron, Texas


I like over/under questions and this is a good one because I think both were drafted with the expectation of the over. I’ll take the under on yards for both. Under on TDs for Gore and over on TDs for Mendenhall. He’s one of my favorite buy-low guys right now.

Fantasy X-Man,

What’s your strategy on positional depth in one-QB leagues? -Aaron, Minnesota


Most of my bench is RB and WR. I almost never own a backup TE and I NEVER own two DST or K at a time. In a shallow league, I’m ok with not owning a backup QB. In deeper leagues, I generally like to have a backup because there’s not much on the waiver wire for my starter’s bye. 

Fantasy X-Man,

Is Dallas Clark droppable? -Marty, California


Theoretically, I guess anyone is droppable. But he would be among my top 10 TE if I was ranking today, so I think he should be owned in just about every league. If you have someone better, you can always deal him, especially if Painter provides a passing boost to the offense.

Fantasy X-Man,

In Walking the Walk you own Stafford and Aaron Rodgers… ever consider starting Stafford? How do you decide when you have a bench player constantly owning (like Cam) but a star in his spot? -Hanson, Utah


I considered starting Stafford momentarily, but basically I look at it this way, would I be shocked if Stafford had a bad game? No. Would I kick myself if Stafford had a bad game and Rodgers did his usual 30 points? Yes. Would I kick myself if Rodgers had a bad game? And I decided the odds of that were miniscule. If you told me I could get 25 points every week, in the bank, or have a shot at 40 that might turn out to be 10, I’ll take the 25 every time.

That’s it for this week. Keep the questions coming. I’ll get to as many as I can. Good luck this week.

  1. I’m amazed how much CJ2K’s value has dropped in 3 games this year.

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